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If animals always give you the warm and fuzzies, it might be time to consider life as a veterinary assistant.

What does a vet assistant do? In a single day, a lot. From feeding and bathing animals to keeping their living spaces clean, the duties of a veterinary assistant may seem endless. But so are the rewards of keeping animals healthy and happy. Plus, who doesn’t love a warm, wet puppy kiss or a kitty cuddle?

If loving animals isn’t enough to convince you to jump into vet assistant schooling, here’s 5 more reasons you’ll love being a veterinary assistant:

1. You Get to Help Animals

As a vet assistant, you’ll have a lot of duties. But your number one priority is helping animals get healthy, heal, and recover in vet offices, animal care facilities, and rehab facilities. When you become a veterinary assistant, you’ll be a respected part of a veterinary team dedicated to animal welfare. Daily, you’ll be rewarded with animal interactions most other people don’t get to experience in an entire lifetime.

2. There’s a Quick Training Turnaround

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through years of veterinary school to become a veterinary assistant. In a reputable program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to help a practicing veterinarian. Through your training, you’ll pick up knowledge about common animal diseases and medical conditions.

In as little as 26 weeks, you could be on your way to a career in veterinary assisting. You will also be required to keep up with continuing education.

3. You Get to Wear Comfy Uniforms

Granted, you may get peed on or even vomited on, but at least you’ll be comfortable when it happens, right? The reality is you’re helping animals get better, and sometimes that’s a messy job. You wouldn’t want to be wearing a cocktail dress or tux while doing this, so you might as well be wearing comfy uniforms like the standard vet assistant scrubs.

4. Each Day is Different

If you like the idea of every workday being different, welcome to veterinary assisting. Bring a positive attitude and flexible nature to work, and you’ll find that each day is an exciting and rewarding experience.

5. You’ll Unite With Other Animal Lovers

Every day you’ll get to interact with animals and their owners. You’ll probably hear the stories of how owners found their beloved pets. Aside from health concerns, you’ll also learn about pet personality quirks and precious memories spent. And, you’ll no doubt be working alongside colleagues who adore animals as much as you.

Veterinary Assisting Offers Daily Rewards

As a veterinary assistant, you’ll be tasked with duties that are centered on keeping animals healthy, happy, and safe. Throughout the day you’ll do everything from keeping cats calm (and sometimes their owners, too) to cleaning kennels or checking in on patients. At the end of each day, you’ll find you’ve helped animals and their owners in more ways than one.

While every day is different, you can expect that you’ll always be learning on the job as every animal’s personality is different, even if it’s the same breed. You’ll find that once you’re in the position and asked, “What does a vet assistant do?” that you’ll always have a different answer depending on the day.

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Published on May 20, 2019