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Train and certify qualified RBTs

MedCerts provides applied behavior and autism organizations with short-term video based training to help train and certify qualified RBTs

We train RBTs

The MedCerts Program

Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism Organizations can utilize our instructor based video learning content to help train and retain RBTs. Our programs are different for their emphasis on student support: 24-hour access to resources and people to help students succeed at every step.

Pass Rate
Over eighty percent of our students pass the MedCerts RBT program.

Short-term and fully online

Our programs work around the busy lives and schedules of your clients. Programs are all under 36 weeks in duration, and they can be accessed anytime. Clients have access to instructors for additional aid.

Student support

Our student support works with your clients to asses their skills and match them to the best programs and training opportunities. During their courses, we monitor progress and prepare clients for exams and retakes.

Developed with Experts

We co-developed our RBT program with industry experts and one of the largest ABA providers in the country.

Ready for certification

The RBT program is modeled off of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s (BACB) RBT task list. Students are more prepared to pass the certification exam.

Subject Matter Experts

A 10-person expert panel — headed by Dr. Vanetta LaRosa — created our RBT program. The panel consists of one BCBA-D, four BCBAs, three RBTs, one Psychologist, and one Professional instructional designer.

Knowledge checks

The RBT program provides continuous assessments and knowledge checks during the training the process so staff are prepared and qualified.

How it works

Starting with MedCerts

There are three steps in becoming an RBT, we provide
the first step through our online training.

Video Training

MedCerts provides the required 40 hours of video-based training through it’s online learning tool. The 40-hour RBT training is not provided by the BACB but, rather, is developed and conducted by BACB certificants, like MedCerts.

Competency Requirement

The RBT Competency Assessment is the basis for the key eligibility and renewal requirements for the RBT credential. The assessment must be administered by a BACB certificant following completion of the 40-hour training requirement.

Background Check

After passing the assessment, the BACB will conduct a background check to make sure candidates are qualified to become and RBT.


Track Progress

Employers who use the LearningBlox system from MedCerts have access to online tools to analyze and monitor student progress. Administrators can understand which students are under-performing and track video completion progress.


Elevate the Profession

We promise our training will elevate and standardize pharmacy tech knowledge in the profession.

More than 5,000 pharmacy technicians have completed the program with higher than industry average certification exam pass rates. Businesses can use our video-based learning content from our industry-standard program to help train and retain their staff.

Success for everyone.

It starts with you and us.

We take a holistic approach as we work side by side with you and your clients. We measure success by how many students we train and get placed in the careers they are seeking.

A better future starts here.

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