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MedCerts provides hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare organizations with training solutions to help their staff and new hires pass national certification exams and become more qualified. Talk to our team to see how we can help your organization.

Employer Training Solutions

Three unique employer options

Knowing each healthcare provider’s training requirements are a bit different, MedCerts has created three options to suit employer needs. They range from quick exam prep for up-skill training existing staff, to nationally registered apprenticeship programs to train a cohort of new hires at one time and fill a staffing need. Support services for the employer and students are available and vary depending on the training solution selected.

Healthcare Employers Employ MedCerts Trained Staff
Over 19,000 students in all 50 states have enrolled in MedCerts training

Comprehensive Programs

MedCerts Comprehensive Programs allow businesses to enroll their employees, new hires, and interns into our courses. Businesses receive volume discounts and the students get all the same courses, materials, and support services that any other student would get.

Custom Employer LMS

A customized, self-service employer Learning Management System designed to house fast track exam prep courses to upskill current employees. It has your branding, courses you choose, and any internal materials you want to include.

Registered Healthcare Apprenticeships

A customizable solution for your organization to attract, train, and retain employees. Apprenticeship programs consist of five components: direct business involvement, related instruction, structured on-the-job training from an experienced mentor, rewards for the skills gained, and completion resulting in a national credential.

Pharmacy Technician Programs

Additional programs and custom options available

Additional Support Services? Check.

We’re here to help out.

Attracting and training new employees can really burn through your HR resources, both in terms of time and money. That’s why we offer additional services to help support your team in the recruitment, enrollment and vetting of training applicants. We even have connections with workforce offices in 26 states to help find candidates who could qualify to get their (and your) training costs covered.

  • Student Recruitment

  • Workforce Agency Partnership

  • Vetting & Enrollment

Experiential Learning

Hire MedCerts Students & Graduates

Partner with MedCerts to have the first opportunity to hire our graduates, host students in intern or externships, or use job shadowing and volunteer opportunities to “try on” applicants before hiring them.


Elevate the Profession

We promise our training will elevate and standardize pharmacy tech knowledge in the profession.

More than 5,000 pharmacy technicians have completed the program with higher than industry average certification exam pass rates. Businesses can use our video-based learning content from our industry-standard program to help train and retain their staff.

A Tailored Partnership Approach

Working together to address your needs

We take a holistic approach to our partnerships and we’ll work with you to get the results you need. At MedCerts, we measure success by how many students we train and place in careers that fill employer needs.

Let’s Partner Together

Connect with our MedCerts Partnership Team

Let us know what your organizations needs are and we’ll connect you with the right team at MedCerts to help.

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