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All students have a seven-day cancellation period. All tuition paid by a student will be refunded if the student chooses to withdraw from the school within seven calendar days after having signed the enrollment agreement. Following the cancellation period, students may withdraw from MedCerts at any time by submitting a request for cancellation. Cancelled balances are calculated based on original, undiscounted tuition. The institution uses the Total Course Price in preparing enrollment agreements, calculating refund amounts and collecting student accounts. Total Course Price includes charges for tuition, registration, educational services and instruction. The amount students owe upon withdrawing is determined by how much of each course in the program they have completed, deducting all payments made. Upon cancellation, the amount due to the school or the amount refunded to the student is calculated according to the schedule specified by the state of the student's residence. Applicants who are denied admission will be refunded all tuition and charges/fees paid.

The refund schedule for Texas is listed below.

  1. Refund computations will be based on the number of LESSONS in each course in the program.
  2. The effective date of termination for refund purposes will be the earliest of the following:
    1. the date of notification to the student if the student is terminated by the school;
    2. the date of receipt of emailed/written notice from the student that he/she wishes to withdraw
  3. After the seven-day cancellation period, the following refund policy will apply:
    1. The student will be refunded the pro rata portion of the remaining tuition based on the number of lessons not-yet completed and serviced by the school minus the total number of lessons completed. The proration is defined by a percentage that represents the unused tuition that is eligible for refund. Example: Student completes 35 out of 110 lessons (32%) and decides he/she would like to withdraw from the program. The student is eligible for a refund in the amount equal to the non-completed lessons (75 lessons). In the example, 75 lessons represent 68% of the program, thus the student is entitled to a 68% refund of tuition.
  4. A full refund of all tuition and fees is due in each of the following cases:
    1. an enrollee is not accepted by the school;
    2. the program of instruction is discontinued by the school, preventing the student from completing the program;
    3. the student's enrollment was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the school, or misrepresentations by the owner or representatives of the school.
  5. Refunds will be totally consummated within 60 days of withdrawal or termination.

Refund Policy for Students Called to Active Military Service

A student of the school or college who withdraws from the school or college as a result of the student being called to active duty in a military service of the United States or the Texas National Guard may elect one of the following options for each program in which the student is enrolled:

  1. If tuition and fees are collected in advanced of the withdrawal, a pro rata refund of any tuition, fees, or other charges paid by the student for the program and a cancellation of any unpaid tuition, fees, or other charges owed by the student for the portion of the program the student does not complete following withdrawal;
  2. A grade of incomplete with the designation “withdrawn-military” for the courses in the program, other than courses for which the student has previously received a grade on the student’s transcript, and the right to re-enroll in the program, or a substantially equivalent program if that program is no longer available, not later than the first anniversary of the date the student is discharged from active military duty without payment of additional tuition, fees, or other charges for the program other than any previously unpaid balance of the original tuition, fees, and charges for books for the program; or
  3. The assignment of an appropriate final grade or credit for the courses in the program, but only if the instructor or instructors of the program determine that the student has:
    1. Satisfactorily completed at least 90 percent of the required coursework for the program and
    2. Demonstrated sufficient mastery of the program material to receive credit for completing the program.

The payment of refunds will be totally completed such that the refund instrument has been negotiated or credited into the proper account(s) within 60 days after the effective date of termination.