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Partnership Network

Join the network of over 500+ workforce agencies and 1000+ organizations that have created training and employment opportunities for our students.

Healthcare Employers Talent Pipeline Solutions.

Not all healthcare organizations are the same, there isn’t one cookie-cutter solution to filling talent vacancies. This is why we provide employment and training solutions based on your organization’s needs. From First Option Employer status for hiring our students to apprenticeship programs and custom training options, we offer low-cost, modern solutions to vacancies. 

Workforce Agencies. Better Outcomes, Faster

We work closely with American Job Centers in over 30 states and are intimately familiar with what outcomes matter most. Our short-term, online programs provide flexibility and personalized, consistent advisor support for every type of student – which leads to completions, certifications and careers. 

Nonprofit & Grant Funding Training Collaborations

Our training programs have proven a great fit for many nonprofit and grant organizations and their mission to provide training and employment to their community. With experienced grant writers on staff and programs with online flexibility and open enrollment for students, MedCerts meets the needs of nonprofits.  

Adult Education Centers Strengthening Our Workforce

We understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility for adult education. Our programs can be taken anywhere, anytime and are built around our student’s schedules. As most programs only require a GED, there are no prerequisites for adult learners to get started. 

Higher Education Institutions Combining Forces for Better Learning

We partner with colleges and universities to expand the educational offerings available to students and promote revenue share opportunities. This allows students in healthcare and IT the chance to gain credentials and jumpstart their careers while working towards higher degrees. 

Staffing Agencies Better Recruitment.

Our students are trained to the specific needs of employers in the high-demand industries of healthcare and IT – making them better candidates for jobs. Fill your recruitment openings with our trained, certified students at no cost.

Partnerships Creating Educational Opportunities

Don’t see an organization like yours above but still curious how MedCerts can benefit your business? We’re open to partnerships of all kinds and finding how our online, in-demand programs and motivated, diverse students can benefit you.