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Partnership Benefits Fill Vacancies, Lower Costs, Pay It Forward

A partnership with MedCerts allows you to build your talent pipeline at no cost, lowering your recruiting and hiring fees. Pay it forward to the next generation of healthcare employees by providing opportunities for our diverse student body.  

Preferred Employer Partnership Options

We offer no-cost, no-commitment access to better candidates through our preferred employer program. Get first access to our certified students through job placement, internships, externships, apprenticeships and job shadow opportunities. 

Comprehensive Training Programs Customizable Reporting

MedCerts Comprehensive Programs allow businesses to enroll employees, new hires, and interns into our courses at volume discount pricing. Our employer learning management system is unique to your business with your branding, chosen courses, and any internal materials you want – putting you in full control of the training process with your students.

Healthcare Apprenticeships. Dept. of Labor Registered Intermediary

The apprenticeship model is a ‘win-win’ in that employees are paid while gaining clinical experience and employers are assured of a fully prepared, certified workforce. As a registered apprenticeship intermediary with the Department of Labor, we handle the heavy lifting, certification training and apprenticeship paperwork. 

Marketing, Recruiting & Vetting. Add On Services.

Using our existing marketing recruitment channels, we can create a custom co-branded campaign to quickly recruit a pool of candidates for your program. We’re also equipped to talk to the masses, determine which ones might fit your program and start them on the enrollment path.

Let’s Partner Together & Solve Healthcare Vacancies.

At MedCerts, we measure success by how many students we train and place in careers that fill employer needs. Let us help you determine your needs and find better candidates faster through our short-term, online career training programs.