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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

MedCerts has taken over YouTube! Well, not exactly – but we do have a few new (influential) friends talking about our online programs. We connected with some of our favorite YouTube stars to show them and their viewers just how easy it is to start a new career in healthcare or IT in just 4 to 6 months. Read more about these Youtubers below and click through the links to hear what they have to say about MedCerts.

Unsolicited Advice Podcast – “Listening to the advice is required, but taking it is 100% optional.

Ashley Nichole and Taryne Renee are Youtubers/Comedians who offer their personal takes on listeners’ questions. Don’t mistake their advice for professional authority, they offer honest, relatable and, sometimes humorous, advice on dating, love, jobs and any other topic you can think of. Listen to Avoiding Things is Easy, Confronting Things is Hard on YouTube and you’ll hear their take on MedCerts online programs at the top of the episode.

Anna Heid

A current nursing student, and senior at the University of South Carolina, Anna Heid provides a real look at what getting an education and career in healthcare can look like. Plus, how she balances her personal life, hobbies like cheerleading for USC and travel. She documented her recent trip to Cabo and shared her excitement about MedCerts as a career option for her followers – watch now!

The Aguilars

With 827K subscribers and over 156 million views on YouTube, the Aguilar Family is best known for sharing personal and authentic content relating to how they’ve coped with the loss of their youngest son to cancer in 2017. The family of six hope to help those with similar struggles and also provide lighthearted content like family pranks and challenges. MedCerts sponsored one of their recent videos where they let the cars in front of them at fast-food drive-thrus order for them – watch what happens here and don’t miss the MedCerts shout out!

The JAM Family

Jose, Anita and their two children, Mila and newly born Aiden, make up the JAM family. They offer intimate, daily insights into their family life with no shortage of pranks and humor. Get a real look at their family dynamic as they shop at the local mall and prepare to shoot a new intro video for their YouTube page – and of course, watch their MedCerts call out.

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Published on June 22, 2021