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Instructor-Led Videos HD-Quality Content

MedCerts delivers the foundational knowledge of a subject through recorded videos where an instructor presents the content along with supporting visual elements including 2D/3D graphics, animations, diagrams and text.

3D Animated Demonstrations Step-By-Step Task Breakdowns

We create animated 3D content to demonstrate the steps of specialized clinical skills. This interactive experience allows learners to enhance their understanding of complex tasks by learning through observation and investigation – rather than by instruction. These immersive environments and images can be observed in depth from every angle.

Immersive Environments Scenarios in Real Time

These 3D environments use virtual humans to train healthcare specialists in soft skills like critical thinking and effective communication. AI-enabled virtual humans help create a safe and engaging experience and promote meaningful behavioral changes like empathy and understanding. When placed in a photorealistic life-like digital environment, scenario-based learning can excel within a controlled, yet dynamic, setting.

Interactive Skills Activities Take Control of Virtual Objects

Within a safe and controlled setting, kinesthetic learners are free to manipulate tools, devices, objects and equipment in a guided, prompted and process-oriented manner.  Here, learners are given the opportunity to apply and practice their newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Industry Insights Interviews with Real World Experts

Real-world practitioners can provide anecdotes and the "day-in-the-life" wisdom of allied healthcare professionals. Learners obtain foundational knowledge and get a taste of what can happen and how to respond to various situations.

Simulated Software Application Master Industry Programs

Vendor-leveraged software provides practice, demonstration and application of real-world processes, tasks and functions specific to the field of study. In many cases, the demonstrations align with the software used in the field, thus building competencies that are specifically recognized and valued by employers.

Task-Based Demonstration Experts Perform Practical Tasks

Learners view accurate, real-world presentations of tasks, processes and skills.  These video-based demonstrations are recorded using actual allied health practitioners within the environment one would perform each of the demonstrated tasks. This allows learners an unobstructed view of these tasks as they are safely performed. 

Game-Based Learning Active Education with Play Elements

The principle of gamification is proven to enhance the learning experience. This element targets a specific skill while engaging learners and enhancing knowledge retention. It is a challenging, yet enjoyable, way to demonstrate competency, as each game completion represents mastery of a skill or topic. 

Physical & Virtual Courseware Tangible & Digital Learning Resources

Courseware is comprised of MedCerts (or vendor-published) textbooks, eBooks or PDFs utilized as resources. These are provided to the learner as either a requirement or supplementary resource and allows for a deeper discovery of learning. 

Worktext Exercises Real World, Problem Solving Activities

These are MedCerts or vendor-published activities that are provided to learners to apply knowledge and retrieve stored information as a formative evaluation.

Performance-Based Exam Prep Certification Evaluations Throughout the Program

Developed as a summative assessment, this element integrates exam preparation within a course to align with actual certification objectives and knowledge domains as published by the certification body. Carefully crafted questions provide an opportunity for the learner to be assessed with ongoing corrective or supportive feedback in preparation for the certification examination. 

Standardized Assessments Knowledge Evaluations to Verify Learning

We provide periodic assessments for the learner as quizzes, mid-terms and/or final examinations for each course. These require the learner to apply knowledge gained and demonstrate competency by passing an assessment. 

Utilizing Advanced Technology for Better Learning

The key to better online learning is creating interactive, immersive experiences for students. MedCerts’ anatomy and physiology course incorporates the best instructional technologies to improve knowledge retention, increase attention span, and create the ultimate learning experience. With over 50 simulations, augmented reality, 3D demonstrations, and a companion app for mobile devices, our A&P course is peak online learning.

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How It All Comes Together Programs Purposely Built Using 12 Elements

Our programs are custom created through the collaboration of our in-house production team, industry-recognized subject matter experts and education technological design team. You won't find any other online training program like ours. 

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