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Earn College Credit With Your MedCerts Program

Take your MedCerts training to the next level through the offerings of our higher education and academic partners. As a MedCerts student, you can turn your certification training into credit toward a 2- or 4-year degree at any of our esteemed college and university partners and advance your career – and income opportunities – even quicker.

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MedCerts Academic Partners

Explore our network of Academic partners, the benefits of their partnerships and their credit for prior learning (CPL) transfer offerings.

What is Articulated Credit? And How It Benefits You

Through partnerships with universities and colleges across the country, you can turn your completed MedCerts programs into credit toward associate's and bachelor’s degrees. Some MedCerts programs equal as many as 17 credits – saving more than a full semester's worth of tuition! Our academic network is continuously growing so you can find the right school to continue your education and further your career goals.

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Propel Your Healthcare Certification Into an Advanced Degree

Our clinical healthcare certifications are the perfect jumpstart for medical students looking to gain skills quickly and join the industry while completing their degrees. It’s as easy as completing our 4-6 month program, starting work in the field and then having a leg up on the competition when you finish your degree. Tuition for one semester at a public university can cost $13,000 or more on average, compared to the $4,000 cost of most MedCerts programs – by taking advantage of credit for prior learning (CPL) through our academic partners, you’re shaving off years of education and saving on higher education debt.

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Stack Our IT Programs With College Credit

We created our IT programs with a student’s lifelong career in mind. Our stackable certifications offer the option of an additional resource in your long-term studies, a supplement to your degree or a career pathing plan to quickly move up in the industry. Our programs are the perfect complement to a light class schedule or a quick summer course option without the big tuition costs.

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Take Your Certifications Further Through MedCerts Academic Partners

At MedCerts, we are always working to make sure our students have access to better careers, faster and the opportunity for continued growth throughout their career. Our education partnerships open doors to 2- and 4-year degrees, better salary opportunities and even more career potential – without lifelong debt. Ready to take full advantage of your MedCerts training?


  1. MedCerts does not assign credits.
  2. The partner may edit/change its policies at any time. Please check with them for details.