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A New Healthcare Career Awaits.

You have the opportunity to earn short-term, relevant certifications through MedCerts and discover a path to a degree from American College of Education (ACE) with the ability to transfer up to 18 credits from your MedCerts program. Request an appointment with an Admissions Advisor to discuss how MedCerts and ACE can make your career goals a reality.

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MedCerts and American College of Education Combine Credentials and Credits for Career Success This partnership opens new doors for MedCerts graduates by lowering the barriers to entry into continuing education and career growth.

Through this relationship between MedCerts and ACE, you can apply your completed courses for up to 18 credit hours in a number of American College of Education's degree programs, including RN to BSN³, B.S. Healthcare Administration, and B.S. in Applied Management and Leadership, B.A. in Educational Studies, and B.A. in Professional Studies⁴.

Once you complete a MedCerts certification program, you can reduce your cost and time to completion for a bachelor’s degree at ACE by choosing one of the programs below. Closely aligned with several MedCerts programs, these degree programs enable you to broaden your knowledge and continue to grow in your healthcare career.

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MedCerts and ACE Transfer Credits

Explore the MedCerts programs eligible for credit for prior learning (CPL) at the American College of Education. Your program may be worth up to 18 credit hours, taking you one step closer to a 2- or 4-year degree!

American College of Education Degrees

MedCerts Program

ACE Credits Earned

RN to BSN¹

Allied Healthcare Professional


ASHP/ACPE Pharmacy Technician Professional


Behavior Technician and the Medical Office


Behavior Technician Specialist


B.S. in Healthcare Administration

Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician


Clinical Medical Assistant and Medical Scribe Professional


Clinical Medical Professional (Medical Assistant + Phlebotomy Tech + EKG Tech)


Clinical Medical Specialist (Medical Assistant + Phlebotomy Tech)


B.S. in Business Administration and Leadership

Dental Assistant


EKG Technician


Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist


Electronic Health Records Specialist


Health Unit Coordinator


B.A. in Educational Studies

Healthcare Administration Professional


Medical Assistant


Medical Billing Specialist


B.A. in Professional Studies

Medical Front Office Administration Specialist


Medical Front Office and Electronic Health Records


Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist


Medical Laboratory Assistant


Medical Scribe & Administrative Professional


Medical Scribe Professional


About American College of Education

Since 2005, American College of Education has been committed to delivering high-quality, affordable and accessible online programs grounded in evidence-based content and relevant application. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, ACE opens new doors for their graduates in education, healthcare, nursing and business.

Choose From Over 25 Healthcare Careers. Be Job Ready In Less Than 6 Months.

Students enroll with MedCerts for one reason – to jumpstart their careers. That’s why we only create training programs focused on the in-demand, entry-level healthcare industry. Our Admissions Advisors can pull local job reports so you know what careers are most needed in your area. Combining that data with your interests allows us to guide you into the right program. Here are a few areas to choose from:

  • Administrative - work in a healthcare office setting on billing, insurance and data entry
  • Clinical - work hands-on with patients and labs in doctors offices or hospitals
  • Specialty - find a career in a pharmacy or dental office

All our programs lead to nationally recognized credentials so you're qualified to work anywhere in the U.S. Over 1000 healthcare employers have MedCerts students on staff right now – and you can be next. Plus, healthcare is the fastest-growing job sector in the country and most healthcare organizations provide tuition assistance to help take your career to new heights!

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MedCerts Is a Miracle

I am beyond excited to have found a program that not only helps further your education, but is also flexible enough to accommodate to your schedule. You don’t have to get your prerequisites out of the way and the program dives straight into the field you wish to build a career in.

Shapri .

Your MedCerts Experience. The Journey Starts With You.

You can now transfer up to 18 credits with MedCerts programs towards a degree path with American College of Education. Here are a few of the perks included in a MedCerts program.

  • Admission: high school diploma/GED & internet connection
  • Apply: select an in-demand program that you’ll love
  • Payment: one price covers it all, with payment plans available
  • Enrollment: gain access to the platform and meet your advisor
  • Self-Guided Courses: work around your life & schedule
  • Certification Exam: earn your nationally recognized credential
  • Transfer Credits: utilize up to 18 transfer credits into a 2- or 4-year degree at American College of Education!
  • Get Hired: take your new skills and start your new career!
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  1. MedCerts does not assign credits.
  2. The partner may edit/change its policies at any time. Please check with them for details.
  3. Applicants to the RN to BSN program must hold a current unencumbered state nursing license.
  4. Applicants must meet additional admission requirements for all eligible ACE programs. MedCerts does not assign credits. MedCerts certificate completion will be verified through submission of a Parchment transcript and eligible credit will be noted as TR on the American College of Education transcript.