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Help people get a new start.

If you are someone that wants to work alongside amazing people while creating great products and experiences, apply today! MedCerts promotes a culture of accountability, integrity, and collaboration. We want YOU to have an opportunity to develop and grow professionally and be part of our team!

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At MedCerts

What we believe

Empower people

Our programs change lives. When our students start a new career after MedCerts they are ready to take on any challenge.

Change the job market

MedCerts pioneers new ways for people to get to work. You will be building new partnerships, ideas, and programs to shape the future of how people get qualified for a job.

Be part of diversity

We believe the best ideas come from including the full spectrum of people. We want to build a company that is diverse and inclusive of everyone.


See where you fit

Student Services

Student support team members work with enrolled students on a daily basis making sure students meet goals, complete programs, and pass exams.


Our Education Consultants and sales members work with new, existing, and former students to help them find, plan, and start programs of study at MedCerts.


The corporate and develop teams manage the MedCerts company including roles in human resources, fulfillment, leadership, business development, and office administration.

Product Development

The product team creates programs for student education and draws from a diverse set of positions in research, writing, engineering, design, video, marketing, and photography.


Team members work on identifying, building, and connecting with new markets and initiatives for MedCerts while growing the brand and presence of the company.