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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Grant Approvals Customizable Programs

With on-staff grant writers and regional workforce managers, we are always working on expanding our funding to help more students get training with no debt. We can customize our programs to meet workforce, non-profit and grant requirements.

Career-Focused Content In High Demand Industries

Our programs are laser-focused on the highest in-demand industries and teaching the skills employers look for most. Self-paced, structured schedules make our healthcare and IT career programs accessible for parents, working adults or anyone with a busy schedule.

Student Support. For Every Type of Learner.

Our data-driven approach to support ensures students are getting what they need. Machine learning and AI is built into programs to tailor support based on student performance and behavior. Plus, personal advisors and career coaches reach out weekly to keep students on track and provide motivation.

Workforce Services Reporting & Resources

We understand the necessity of reporting and receiving regular updates when working with grant funding. We ensure you receive any necessary data and regular progress reports emailed for each client. At a glance, understand and download your client’s academic record, completion rate, and progress.

Outcome-Driven Results-Oriented

Focused on completions, certifications and careers, our programs are designed to open employment doors to a more diverse range of individuals. Our data-driven approach means results and exam pass rates are always top of mind and a proven path to a better career, faster.

Better Outcomes Start Here. MedCerts Non-Profit Solutions.

Our Workforce team is here to assist your organization in securing grant funding and meeting its goals. Reach out to gain more insight into our educational approach and ensure your non-profit needs are met.