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Department of Labor Approved Programs

MedCerts is one of the only DOL-approved registered apprenticeship providers. Our apprenticeship programs provide best-in-class built-in training through our online programs, lower hiring and onboarding costs, and access to our national network of partners.

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Why Apprenticeships Work in Healthcare We've got the blueprint for success; partner with us to:

  1. Addresses Skills Gaps
  2. Reduce Hiring Costs
  3. Increase Candidate Talent Pool
  4. Increase Retention
  5. Build a Scalable Program Across Regions and States
  6. Hire Skilled Talent 50% Faster than Typical College Program
  7. Fill Vacancies from Day 1
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Apprenticeship Resources

Since 2020, we’ve been helping our employer partners build DOL-approved apprenticeship programs. 100% of students enrolled in one of those programs, completed it successfully, and were placed in a job. Interested in learning more about MedCerts' apprenticeship model? Download our overview below or check out some of our blogs.

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I am beyond excited to have found a program that not only helps further your education, but is also flexible enough to accommodate to your schedule. You don’t have to get your prerequisites out of the way and the program dives straight into the field you wish to build a career in.

Shapri .