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There has never been a more critical time to have competent, well-trained healthcare workers on your staff. Unfortunately, staffing problems, including high turnover rates and under qualified applicant pools, have plagued the healthcare industry for years. 

MedCerts is dedicated to addressing these common healthcare staffing issues at their core. Here's how our healthcare staffing solution resolves some of the biggest problems in the industry. 

1. Turnover Rates

In 2017, the turnover rate in hospitals was 18.2% — the highest it had been in a decade. High turnover rates can be costly, especially for healthcare facilities that are already struggling financially. Training new employees takes time and money that many facilities can't spare.

MedCerts addresses high turnover rates by ensuring that the right applicants apply for your jobs. We start with student enrollment consultations, in which we help our students identify their strengths, weaknesses, and values before they start training in our program or applying for jobs.

Understanding their goals ahead of time helps students identify the jobs that are right for them. This increases the chances that they'll be satisfied with their new position once they arrive, reducing employee turnover.

Additionally, programs like our try-out interviews allow you to see potential employees in action before hiring them. This makes it more likely that you’ll be satisfied with your team, reducing the chances of painful layoffs down the road.

2. Training

Traditional healthcare training solutions aren't working. Today's entry-level healthcare positions often require senior staff to take time out of their day to train incoming staff on everything from computer system nuances to customer service skills. There are a number of problems with this technique:

  • Senior staff aren't trained to be teachers
  • Senior staff still have their own work to do
  • Senior staff may have limited guidance on what to teach

The result of this technique is that your healthcare force ends up unevenly trained, with some workers missing out on critical skills. This isn't just frustrating for you: it's also frustrating for your employees and dangerous for your practice.

MedCerts turns this system on its head. We provide the specific training your entry-level employees need, from how to answer the phone to how to protect client data. You’ll have access to an applicant pool that is qualified, confident, and capable, and your senior staff won’t have to spend their limited time training new hires.

3. Recruiting Costs

Traditional recruiting methods can be costly. Whether you normally go through a recruitment office or conduct the entire recruiting process yourself, there's always a cost involved.

With MedCerts, you can avoid the cost and frustration that normally go into recruitment. With our healthcare staffing services, you control which positions you want to see candidates for, and we supply the candidates. This enables you to allocate your limited time to other tasks.

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If you're tired of your current healthcare staffing problems and are looking for a new healthcare staffing solution that works, a partnership with MedCerts may be exactly what your facility needs. Contact us to learn how our healthcare staffing solutions can remedy your recruitment problems today.

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Published on September 2, 2020