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Some days, a case manager’s job is a breeze with clients prepared to transition seamlessly into a new career. But in reality, those days can be rare.

Many clients fall into the “hard-to-serve” category: those who qualify for workforce grants like WIOA but are in the process of creating a new professional path for themselves. Young people without any experience or those who are returning to the workforce after incarceration, for example, take extra effort to place in meaningful careers.

They may be considering or even already enrolled in the right training, but they still need assistance in learning how to feel comfortable engaging potential employers. This is where their case manager — you! — can help.

Share and practice these three employer scripts with your hardest-to-serve clients so they can gain the confidence they need to land that big first job.

1. The Cold Call

Often, your client will have no connection to a company other than an advertisement for a job opening. In today’s competitive market, submitting paperwork usually isn’t enough. It’s important for them to feel comfortable reaching out to create a new relationship. Start here:

“Hello, my name is (first and last name), and I apologize for calling you out of the blue. However, my research into your company pointed me to you as a good person to discuss the possibilities of applying for an entry-level position. Do you have a few minutes to talk with me?”

Coach your client to not be discouraged if the person says no. Instead, ask when a good time would be and promise to call back then.

2. The Referral

Some online training schools, like MedCerts, have connections with companies throughout the nation. If your client has a person who referred them, that should be the first thing they mention — after exchanging pleasantries, of course.

“Good morning, I am (first name, last name). I have been in training under (referral’s full name) to transition into your industry. They said you would be able to discuss opportunities and insights about your company and career path. Are you available to talk now?”

If possible, have your client prepare a short story about their referral to further describe the connection. Conduct a short internet search to see if you can learn anything more about the connection before placing the call.

3. The Ready-to-Succeed

A common concern with clients who have limited professional success in the past is that the person on the other line will grill them with tough questions that will put them on the defense. Instead, try starting with honesty in their initial script.

“Hello, my name is (first name, last name), and I’m excited to embark on a new career in your industry. I’ve been researching and training to prepare for the challenges, and I was hoping you would be able to offer some help. Do you have five minutes for me?”

Then, instruct your client to be prepared with about five questions that they need to be answered. Have the questions be open-ended. For example, “What is the company looking for in new hires?”

Be Prepared and Confident

Workforce grants are designed to help your clients put their past behind them and start fresh in a growing industry. Remind them that the potential employers they are calling only need to know that they’re confident and prepared to begin their new career.

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Published on February 22, 2021