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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Today’s online learning opportunities make gaining certifications and training for new careers more available than ever. Thanks to financial resources for students, new academic pursuits are more affordable – and possibly even free. 

Workforce grants make it possible to return to the classroom and complete programs that can help you get the career of your dreams. When you have a strong resume and supportive network of people who want you to succeed, it's possible to land a career that's fulfilling, in demand and high paying. 

To get started, many people first must seek out information on training funds. Today, these financial resources aren’t just for students who attend traditional schools and colleges. With expanded opportunities for online courses, financing and support are available even for professionals in new industries who can’t necessarily make it to a brick-and-mortar classroom every week. 

Still, it can be challenging to uncover financial resources. Here are three places that can help you prepare to study online.

Career OneStop

American Job Centers, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, has a helpful website called Career OneStop. This site helps you find out if you are eligible for training funds the government offers to people who are ready for new careers. For example, there are resources specifically for those who:

  • Are members of the U.S. military or are veterans

  • Have a criminal conviction

  • Are older than 55 years old

  • Have a disability

  • Are just starting out

This website can help you check out different careers, learn how much you can make and research what kind of training employers look for from candidates.


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, or WIOA, includes a variety of programs that can help professionals get financial support for training opportunities. Created by the U.S. Department of Labor, this legislation makes it easier for under- and unemployed job seekers to get the support they need. It’s just one of many avenues you can investigate to possibly receive funding for training programs.

To learn if you qualify and the next steps, you’ll want to connect with an advisor at an American Job Center near you. They’ll help you take the next steps toward your career goals.


You can also talk with an Admissions Advisor with MedCerts, an online certification training institution. MedCerts offers many different training paths for those interested in beginning or growing in the healthcare and information technology industries. These experts are always available to answer specific questions about where to find federal funding.

Reach Out to Start a New Career

If you’re ready to advance your career or embark on a new path, you’re not alone. There are experts ready to help you find training funds and other resources designed to help you succeed. Don't hesitate to ask questions and find the answers and financial support you need.

A great place to start is the MedCerts blog. You can find answers to many frequently asked questions about where and how to start the new and exciting career you've always dreamed of.

Portrait of Jennifer Kolb
Written by Jennifer Kolb
National Director of Workforce Development

As MedCerts National Director of Workforce Development, Jennifer Kolb is responsible for overseeing strategy and business development efforts at MedCerts with an emphasis on the k-career pipeline.

Prior to MedCerts, Jennifer served in several leadership positions at Tallo and Hawkes Learning where she built and lead sales and marketing, new product launches, technology development updates and an entire product relaunch to be ADA compliant.

Jennifer has spent a decade within the workforce industry working with educators, state leaders, business and industry officials, post-secondary institutions and grant organizations from across the country, all with the mission of bettering people's lives. Coming from a long line of educators and with a business-centered mindset, Jen is passionate about student success and cultivating creative strategies for ensuring all talent has access to educational and career-related opportunities.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in business management from Clemson University.

Published on June 13, 2023


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