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The IT sector is expanding fast. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the field to add more than 531,000 jobs between now and 2029, a growth rate that’s significantly higher than average. Many positions in the field can be filled without a post-secondary degree, making them easily accessible to workforce funding recipients.

To benefit from this trend, your clients need to connect with the right training program. As a case manager, you can help by pointing them toward a school like MedCerts—which has its finger on the pulse of IT growth.

3 Lucrative IT Careers Workforce Funding Recipients Should Consider

MedCerts offers stackable training trajectories that candidates can enter at no cost to them, thanks to approved programs like the ones listed below.

1. Fundamentals of IT

Designed to prepare students for the IT Fundamentals certification from CompTIA, this program addresses the most commonly used applications, programs and operating systems in today's IT landscape.

A hands-on component guides students through how to develop and manage software, including how to use common programming languages. For students who want to work with devices and networks, a hardware component covers those key skills.

Fundamentals of IT is also an ideal starting point for those interested in cybersecurity. The number of cybersecurity job postings rose by 94% between 2014 and 2019. As threats continue to build, the field will only become more critical. With the IT Fundamentals credential, students can go on to earn the credentials that can qualify them for those jobs.

2. IT Support Professional

The IT Support Professional program is another great starting point for students who want to earn advanced IT credentials. The only requirement to register is a high school diploma or GED. From there, students learn how to set up and troubleshoot hardware, software and networks.

Students in this program complete the Fundamentals of IT and Microsoft Office Basics courses, as well as a customer service unit and the more in-depth A+ Comprehensive course. In this course, students learn key skills—including security, networking, operations and troubleshooting.

Upon completing the program, students are eligible to apply for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals and A+ certifications, as well as the Certified Customer Service Professional credential. The A+ is particularly useful for candidates who aspire to find success in helpdesk and administrative careers.

3. Helpdesk Technician

There’s always a need for qualified help desk technicians. The average internal IT support team takes 492 requests per month, while consumer support teams take close to 2,000.

Workforce program participants can train for this in-demand career through MedCerts’s IT Helpdesk Administrator program. Students learn not just how to resolve support calls, but also how to configure, set up, manage, and maintain computers and networks.

Those who complete the program can apply for the Network+ certification and the A+ certification, also from CompTIA. Like the Network+, the A+ is highly stackable, but this credential is geared more toward hardware and devices versus networking.

Help Your Client Choose a Suitable Career Training Program

Thanks to the wide variety of opportunities available—from IT-related positions to helpdesk administration—almost any workforce funding recipient can find a suitable career training program. To learn more about what’s available, speak with a MedCerts Regional Workforce Manager today.

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Published on December 30, 2020