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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Whether you are looking to gain skills to promote within your MOS, earn industry-relevant civilian credentials or just further your education, the Army COOL (Army Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) program can be of benefit you.

Thanks to funding offered through the Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program, you can receive valuable education and high-quality career training to enhance your existing skills and acquire new ones at no cost. The Army COOL site can help you locate approved training programs and learn about certifications and licenses that will help you succeed.  

Here are some of the key benefits and highlights of both the Army COOL and CA programs to help you determine if this is the route you want to take:

1. Army COOL Is Open to All

The Department of Defense launched the Army COOL program to help all officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted soldiers. The online tool is designed to help you find training to enhance or acquire skills and certifications that will improve your experience in the Army or allow you to pursue a fulfilling career after your time in the military is complete. Whether you’re a member of the Army, Reserve, or National Guard, you can take full advantage of Army COOL.

2. All Costs Could Be Covered

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Defense, active Army, Reserve, and National Guard members may receive up to $4,000 each year to enroll in training and pursue a civilian career. Courses, books, materials, fees, credentialing exams, and recertification costs are all covered, up to $4,000. If you choose a program that costs $4000 or less – like MedCerts online trainings – you will pay nothing out of pocket.

3. There Are a Variety of Programs to Choose From

There are myriad opportunities you can explore, whether you are looking to build upon experience you already gained in the Army or are hoping to learn a new skill. Army COOL programs will help you locate the certifications that are right for you. Browse through your options, consider your preferences and goals, and see where you feel inspired to go next.

If it’s a career in healthcare or IT, which are popular paths among veterans, you can sign up for MedCerts’ online career training programs. Certifications include everything from clinical and professional coder to IT Network Technician or Project Management. The best part is: if you choose any of these MedCerts credentialing programs, CA funds can be used to cover the entire program cost!

So, What Do You Want to Learn Next?

By using the Army COOL website, you can find the certification program to expand your education or prepare you for an exciting civilian career. Financial aid can also help pay for the training you need, so you won’t have to worry about how you’ll cover the costs.

As an approved provider of Army Credentialing Assistance, MedCerts can help you further your education. One major benefit of their programs are that they are fully online and built with state-of-the-art digital education tools, making it easy to learn from anywhere. Learn more about our programs and contact us anytime if you have questions or are ready to get started.

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Published on October 28, 2020