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Modern learning is different from the learning of decades past. Today, you're more likely to hear about and experience interactive learning and immersive instruction. This teaching method uses a blend of hands-on education, engaging experiences and real-world simulations. Is interactive learning more effective? Yes! When you're exposed to immersive learning, you move beyond passive reading to follow a more engaging way to learn.

3 Reasons Interactive Learning is More Effective

Why is interactive learning important? Compared to traditional methods, immersive instruction offers many benefits that bring together modern technology, open dialogue and inclusive learning. Here are three reasons to choose interactive learning environments.

1. Uses Active Learning

Active learning encourages you to apply new skills and concepts, giving you an immediate way to put your knowledge into practice. Your mind is more focused when you take an active approach, helping you stay engaged with the material and use it to enhance your training. You can use your knowledge to build connections and retain important facts. Active learning also incorporates technology and tools, which work together to help you reproduce what you've learned.

2. Works With Different Learning Styles

Interactive instruction works well with adapting to student needs. Whether you learn better with scenario simulations, augmented reality (AR), gamified instruction or engaging videos, you'll find better outcomes when the teaching method makes sense for your learning style. MedCerts' eLearning programs use all these methods and help you work toward fulfilling careers in allied health and information technology (IT).

3. Helps Reduce the Cost of Education

As an eLearning method, interactive learning reduces barriers to entry and lets you learn from anywhere. You won't need to drive to campus or spend money on gas or public transportation. Interactive learning also reduces the need for in-person instructors, cutting down on tuition costs. You'll also save money on physical books and materials since many course materials can be sent as ebooks or PDFs.

Exploring the MedCerts Allied Health and IT Programs

Across MedCerts' 30-plus allied health programs and nearly 20 IT career programs, you'll find broad use of the 12 elements of eLearning. From interactive skills exercises and task-based activities to instructor-led videos and virtual simulations, each course uses interactive learning to keep students engaged, focused and better prepared for their careers.

If you're interested in the Sterile Processing Technician training, your courses will use various methods to prepare you for this role. Interactive learning examples place a strong focus on real-world simulations and 3D demonstrations, which might show professionals washing and prepping surgical instruments. Interactive quizzes and assessments also test your knowledge on everything from how to tag medical tools to what issues endospores cause.

What if you'd like to take the Phlebotomy Technician training? Your courses might show 3D simulations of how to draw blood samples from the arm or what questions to ask patients. You can also watch virtual scenarios with built-in testing on clinical techniques. Plus, you'll take quizzes to assess your understanding of lab stations and which order to follow when drawing labs.

Elevate Your Career Today

MedCerts is your partner in working toward a rewarding career. Whether you're interested in the IT or allied health field, you'll find practical instruction and immersive learning with each of our program and certification options. Our online medical and computer training programs can help you discover your calling.

Portrait of Dana Janssen
Written by Dana Janssen
Chief Product Officer

Dana has over twenty (20) years’ experience in Allied Healthcare and Education, and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer for MedCerts where he is responsible for product vision and strategy, research, and development.

Dana joined MedCerts upon its founding in 2009, and has led the research, development, and production of the entire catalog of programs that have helped MedCerts transform the distance learning landscape. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovative instructional design practices, Dana and his team have pioneered the development of the MedCerts 12 Elements of eLearning. Each MedCerts program contains a proprietary blend of these engaging, interactive, and entertaining elements that effectively accommodate learners of all types. Dana is deeply in-tune with the needs of today’s healthcare employers and is an expert in careers and certifications related to allied health.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in Education (BS) degree from Valparaiso University, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Davenport University. Dana is an avid sports fan and in his free time enjoys mountain biking, woodworking, knifemaking, and spending time with his family and pets.

Published on February 8, 2024


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