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So you have decided to go back to school and earn a medical certification. That’s a great idea!

But now you are struggling to decide when to go back to school. Should you wait until the fall semester? Would it hurt to wait a few months and enjoy the extra free time this summer?

Don’t keep putting off the next step in your career! It turns out that summer is one of the best times to pursue certificate training. Here’s why.

Benefit from FAFSA grants

If you are looking for tuition assistance, summer is an ideal time to apply for certification classes because “traditional” college students are taking fewer classes. The Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) money resets in September for the next school year. That makes summer the perfect time to put in an application for grants or loans.

The government is more likely to award money in summer because extra funds must be assigned to students before the fiscal budget resets in the fall. That means if you apply during the summer, you are more likely to be awarded a grant (free money) than a loan, which has to be paid back with interest.

More time to dedicate to studies

OK, there are definitely many ways we would rather spend the summer than studying. At first glance, your summer may seem crowded with vacation plans, time with friends, staying home with children, etc. It probably feels easier to put off certification classes until the fall, right?

But think about it—many medical certification programs are 13-20 weeks long. If you start your training in the fall, you will run into the holidays, and you’ll still need to navigate vacation, social plans, and kids being out of school.

On the other hand, if you begin your certification training during the summer, you could be in a new job in a few months. How would you rather spend the fall: just beginning your certification studies, or starting a new job with a higher salary because of your new certification? It’s a clear choice.

Sure, there may be some summer obstacles, but they are no different from the struggles you will face starting classes any time of year. Online classes let you learn from anywhere, even poolside! With time management, hard work, and the support of your family and loved ones, you can make great use of your summer months and emerge with a new certification in a medical field.

Complete your resume at the right time

There is another reason to complete your certification in the summer: because fall is the ideal time to get hired.

Most medical employers will determine their 2020 hiring budgets by December. Trying to join the team and negotiate your salary after that will be more challenging.

But in the fall, employers in the medical field are still deciding on their budgets and how many staff members to hire. This is the ideal time to get your newly-updated resume in front of perspective employers and negotiate the maximum salary for your level of training.

You don’t want to be taking classes in the fall and looking for jobs in the spring. You want to work on your medical certifications NOW, in the summer, so you can get your resume in front of employers at an optimal time to get hired.

Now that you see why summer is the best time to pursue you medical certification, go ahead and take the first step today: register for your first class. You will soon be one your way to a new certification, a fresh career start, and a higher salary. If you aren’t sure which certification is right for you, check out our list of certificate programs here.

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Published on May 29, 2020