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Military spouses face unique daily challenges, ranging from frequent moves to constant separations. This military lifestyle may discourage those who want to advance in their careers by earning a degree. Luckily, upgrading your certification and gaining portable skills is more accessible now, thanks to the flex model of learning.

Flex learning refers to a study model where students have the freedom in what, when, where and how they learn. This studying option allows you to create a fluid learning schedule based on your needs. 

The flex model's core principles of student learning are online learning and in-person instruction. You can complete most of your assignments online, while tutors conveniently get involved when mentoring and assisting you. Here are four benefits of the flex learning model for milspouses with families. 

Remote Learning

Military families frequently have to relocate during deployments. Flex learning allows you to learn from anywhere and meet the qualifications for that new career opportunity. You get to stop worrying about missing classes and assignments due to deployment or relocation.

By enrolling in the various MedCerts certification training programs, you can easily access online courses and materials at home, on base or in a different country. All you need is a good internet connection to continue with your education. You also get to connect with a personal Student Success Advisor and subject matter experts through an online learning portal. This feature allows for additional support and feedback whenever you get stuck with a concept in a course.

Flexible Schedule

Military spouses often have to juggle family, personal goals, education and career. Flex learning allows you to adapt a schedule to balance your military life. A flexible schedule lets you determine when you feel most productive. You can take classes and tests when energized and ready to learn. Flex learning also helps you decide on your ideal learning style, which is essential when covering coursework and your long-term career.

Self-Paced Study

The flex model of learning allows students to learn at their own pace. Only a few students are comfortable or open to asking a tutor to repeat a concept they didn't understand or elaborate on a specific topic. With this learning model, you can stop and revisit challenging areas, then review quizzes and worksheets until the new concept sticks. Those materials you've already grasped are then quickly reviewed to maximize time. This personalized approach makes learning more efficient compared to a standard classroom model.

Technical skills

Tech and digital skills hold a high value in the modern workplace. The online flex learning model improves essential tech and digital skills. For instance, you use digital learning tools like PowerPoint to create presentations. Also, you work with collaborative tools, such as Zoom and Skype, when holding virtual group discussions. Familiarity with these programs and tools sharpens your tech skills, making it a critical military spouse education benefit.

Choose MedCerts for Flex Learning

MedCerts, a MyCAA-approved school, is a leading provider of flex learning, offering innovative online programs for military spouses – often at no cost. We understand military spouses' unique sacrifices and challenges and have designed our courses to fit a flexible lifestyle. Enroll today at MedCerts to enjoy the benefits of flex learning.

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Published on June 19, 2023


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