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The economic downturn brought on by the pandemic disproportionately affected people of color and people without much formal education. Many workers who were hardest hit by the downturn were overrepresented in the leisure and hospitality industries. Although many industries, such as transportation and warehousing, have started a robust recovery, many others aren't likely to bounce back as quickly. Fields, such as technology and healthcare, were far less impacted and continued to thrive.

After a downturn, the economy goes into an adaptive cycle, adjusting to new economic conditions, including the factors that caused the recession and the government and private sector's response to job creation plans. Unemployment training during an economic recovery offers displaced workers the chance to take part in the economic recovery in its early stages and build the skills they'll need to pivot to a field that pays well and is in high demand.

Changing Careers After Economic Recovery

Learning new skills and acquiring certifications as the economy heads into a recovery phase will put you in an excellent position during economic growth, when companies increase their hiring. You'll have the qualifications to apply for and succeed in a lucrative, rewarding field.

1. Working for Successful Companies

Unfortunately, not all companies made it through the recession. The ones that did and are expanding are those that were able to adjust to the demands of a changing economy. These companies have proved they have staying power and will likely be around for a long time. Working for a company that's proved itself will give you a firm footing for starting your new career.

2. Applying at the Right Time

No matter how well-qualified you are, trying to find a job when the market is saturated is a struggle. However, you'll have a much easier time if you're looking for a job when the economy is recovering and expanding. This is particularly true if you're working in fields where a labor shortage exists, such as tech or healthcare.

3. Build Your Resume

You can take advantage of the slowdown and recovery periods of the economy to build your resume. If you've been laid off or had trouble finding a job, this doesn't have to be wasted time. There are a lot of workforce grants that can help you get training to upskill your resume at little or no cost. Being proactive about your career can help you focus and stay positive during a difficult time.

4. Taking the Next Steps in Your Career

Once you've decided to gain new skills instead of remaining stuck in a job that isn't taking you anywhere, look into programs that offer the most in-demand skills. MedCerts offers many certification courses in the fields of information technology and healthcare. Both industries are growing faster than average and will have many job opportunities for qualified candidates. You can earn a good living while doing work that is rewarding and makes a meaningful contribution to society. Reach out today to find out how you can get started creating your new life.

Portrait of Sandy Mead
Written by Sandy Mead
National Director of Workforce Development

Sandy Mead has over 22 years of experience in the workforce development space and helps MedCerts create career opportunities and build relationships with workforce offices.

As the National Director of Workforce Development, Sandy partners with workforce offices across the country to assist in the WIOA requirements of providing skills gained and national credentials to increase successful career pathways. She has been instrumental in increasing performance data outcomes and helping participants achieve credentials to enhance employment.

Published on September 14, 2022


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