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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Last year, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that distance learning through online educational programs grew dramatically throughout the United States.

The NCES data on remote training shows that around 75% of undergraduate students — nearly 12 million people — had enrolled in a remote learning course. Interestingly, seven million adult students were exclusively pursuing their degrees or certificates online.

Online educational programs are the new norm in today's modern learning environment. That’s good news for anyone whose life demands added flexibility in anything they do. Educational programs online are the answer when it’s challenging to maintain in-person classes or rigid schedules.

As remote learning has grown in popularity, reputable online academic institutions have prioritized training and education in the most in-demand industries throughout the world. See if one of these booming online programs is right for you.

Patient Care Technician

Nearly anywhere you go, you’ll find doctor’s offices, hospitals, and nursing homes — and that means you are more likely to find a job as a patient care technician. This career path is one of the most popular of all educational online programs in the healthcare industry.

The course work includes learning phlebotomy - or blood draw - testing, EKGs, and how to care for patients and their basic needs. In six months, you could have a certificate through the National Healthcareer Association and qualify for a growing number of jobs.

Medical Front Office and Electronic Health Records

Administrative work in the medical front office and electronic health records is another important role in healthcare. When you complete the 19 weeks of coursework for this certification, you can confidently process patient data, manage health records, and work within a medical office environment.

These credentials provide opportunities in doctor’s offices, laboratories, nursing homes, urgent care clinics, and hospitals.

IT Network Technician

With plenty of remote work available, IT network technicians are the backbone of many companies and organizations. It’s no surprise that online programs in information technology are where many successful technicians get their start.

These professionals install, operate, and maintain corporate networks. Certification in CompTIA Network+ takes as little as six weeks to obtain.

Professional Medical Coder

Those who enjoy both technology and healthcare may want to launch a career as a professional medical coder. Taking 26 weeks, this is one of the more advanced educational programs online. It benefits students to have some experience in billing, coding, or the medical field in general for greater success.

Tips for Choosing the Right Program

With the rise in popularity and accessibility, many online learning options exist. It can be challenging to know which one is right for you. Consider these three tips:

  1. Know your goals: Think of where you see your career in five years and start training within the industry.

  2. Consider your background experience: If other professional or personal experience strengthens your interest or understanding, use this to your benefit when choosing a career path.

Speak with supportive staff: Find an online learning institution with staff who are trained and able to answer all your questions.

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Published on November 30, 2022


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