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As the economy recovers, the information technology (IT) field is emerging as a dominant industry in which to pursue a career.

While there's no such thing as a 100% recession-proof job, the IT field is about as close as it gets. The digital age isn't slowing down and the demand for various certified IT careers is booming.

Data suggests around 531,200 new IT jobs will be added to the job market by 2029. Careers in the IT field have an average annual salary of $91,250. The following is a preview of four entry-level careers waiting for you.

4 IT Careers to Consider

IT Support Professional

Becoming an IT support professional is a great first step in the IT industry. You will learn the basics of the IT field. As an IT support professional, you will be able to help troubleshoot common problems many businesses face daily.

The entry-level salary for this position is $36,000. However, with continued education and certifications, you will be able to quickly increase that number to around $73,000.

PC Technician

Technology is great when it works. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of professionals to have to work from home on their personal computers (PC). More people working at home means a bigger demand for PC technicians.

As a PC technician, you diagnose and repair personal computers. You are the one-stop-shop for PC construction, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and problem-solving.

The average starting salary for a PC technician is $34,000. With continued education and certifications, you'll be able to bump that amount up to around $79,000.

Healthcare IT Technician

A Healthcare IT Technician combines two booming industries. Advancing technology in the healthcare industry has digitized almost all aspects of patient care. A healthcare IT technician’s tasks include:

  • Maintaining electronic health records programs

  • Helping with medical business operations

  • Maintaining the network and security

  • Securing patient medical data

The average starting salary for a healthcare IT technician is $35,000. Additional certifications can quickly increase your salary to $80,000 per year.

IT Helpdesk Administrator

As an IT Helpdesk Administrator you have the flexibility to work with many different industries. All companies have an IT helpdesk to help them troubleshoot their tech problems. MedCerts IT Helpdesk Administrator program includes two certifications, the A+ certification and the Network+ certification.

The average starting salary for an IT Helpdesk Administrator is $38,000. With continued education and certifications, that salary can increase to $79,000.

Funding Your New IT Career

MedCerts offers monthly payment options. However, the easiest way to fund your new career is with a federal grant scholarship.

The Department of Labor and Department of Education distribute various grants and scholarships. Simply go to the American Job Centers (AJC) website to see if you're eligible.

All MedCerts programs are Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act approved. The amount you're eligible for will depend on where you live. For more information, you can call 800-734-1175 to speak with an expert.

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Published on July 28, 2021