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As the economy bounces back from the effects of the global pandemic, there will be some significant changes that will permanently affect the future of work and the skill sets that workers will need. Low-wage service jobs will be among those most affected. There are four workforce development trends you can expect to see unfold in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Remote Work and Learning Are Here to Stay

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from in-office jobs and in-person classes to remote work and learning. Now that people have experienced the convenience and ease of working and learning from home, businesses are slow to return to their offices. Rather, the trend of remote work will continue to grow. As many as 25% of employees may continue to work from home anywhere from three to five days per week. Additionally, virtual meetings will replace up to 20% of business travel.

The same holds true for online learning. Even before the pandemic, one-third of college students took online courses. Distance learning provides significant benefits compared to traditional classes, including flexibility, cost benefits, and platforms that make learning more effective.

2. Customer Service and Sales Jobs Will Decline

Jobs in the foodservice industry will steadily decline. Since much of the demand for these jobs is generated by people going out to eat during their lunch breaks and while traveling, the growing trend of remote, at-home work will impact restaurants and other foodservice institutions. In addition, many other customer services and sales roles are being replaced by automated, self-service technology, allowing the customer to control a number of roles that previously required many people.

3. Healthcare and IT Jobs Will Continue to Grow

Healthcare and IT are two booming industries that will continue to see a rise in available jobs in 2022. The healthcare industry is not only growing because of the pandemic, but also because of the aging population. As a result, all healthcare fields are expected to grow 16% in the coming years. This is a much faster rate than other occupations.

Computer and information technology jobs are on a similar trajectory, with growth of up to 13% expected. Other shifts in the economy are driving growth in the IT field. Computer systems will be expanded to accommodate remote working and increased automation in other areas.

4. Many Workers Will Need to Switch Occupations

The growth in IT and healthcare careers will offer a tremendous opportunity for displaced workers. Both of these fields feature a number of entry-level positions that people can train for via online certificate programs. These training programs can give people the skills they need to procure a job in a matter of months rather than years. While more advanced skills take longer to learn, displaced workers can create a solid foundation that will allow them access to blossoming career paths in a short amount of time.

Opportunities for Displaced Workers Abound

While some career fields will see a decline, healthcare, and IT jobs will be even more in demand. This workforce trend is good news for workers who were displaced from lower-wage service jobs. These higher-paying fields lend themselves well to convenient, online certification programs, like those offered by MedCerts. If your clients are looking for a better career without the time commitment of a traditional degree, online skills training provides many options.

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Published on January 6, 2022


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