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At MedCerts, we pride ourselves on being a top-of-the-line school. We care deeply about the futures of our students. That is why we strive to make sure that everyone who enters our programs leave with the skills and credentials necessary to launch their career in Healthcare or IT.

Here are some more reasons why you can be proud to recommend MedCerts' online career training programs.

Our Students Love Us!

Our students have left us over 300 reviews that you can check out on TrustPilot. 91% of our reviewers described their experience as either "excellent" or "great", giving us a 5-star rating of 9 out of 10. We’re proud to say that it is extremely high compared to most schools. Encourage your friends to check out some of our students' testimonials. Click on the "See Our Reviews" link on the right side of the screen or simply head on over to our TrustPilot profile and see what our students have to say about their experience with us. Also, if you’re a student and haven’t had a chance to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so. We value and rely on all of our students' feedback so that we can continue to improve our services.

Our programs are specifically designed for flexibility.

We understand that everyone doesn’t live traditional lives and everyone doesn't benefit from a traditional school. Our goal is a portable education that leads to a portable certification for a portable career. Being online and self-paced allows our students to study anywhere, anytime. Our programs prep you for and cover the costs of the national certification exams, allowing you to obtain a credential that you can take with you wherever you move.

We’re #1!

Not only has MedCerts been named a Military Spouse Friendly School two years in a row but this year we've been ranked the #1 Military Spouse Friendly School in the non-traditional institution division! MedCerts is one of only 42 online-only schools to have made the Military Friendly Schools list last year because of our dedication to the military community and its families. We are also part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) and have sponsored the Military Spouse of the Year Awards for the last two years.

It pays $400 per enrollment!

So hopefully by now, we’ve convinced you that you would be doing your friend a big favor by recommending them to MedCerts. In fact, its almost like you would be doing them a disservice not to! But in the slight off chance that altruistic motives aren’t convincing enough there is always money. For every student that you refer to MedCerts we will pay you $300. Best of all, there are no limits on how many referral bonuses you can receive!
To date, MedCerts has paid out over $250,000 in referral bonuses and you can be a part of that action. All you have to do is get out there and keep spreading the word!

How to Earn Money Making Referrals:

  • Email us at [email protected] - Be sure to include all of your contact information (Full name, phone, email, and mailing address of where to send the check) as well as your friend’s information (Full name, phone number and email address).
  • Become a MedCerts Ambassador - When you join our Ambassador program, you will receive a personal URL that tracks all of the people you refer back to you. Share your personal link via social media, text, and even email. You can also track and manage each of your referrals from within the Ambassador referral dashboard.
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Published on February 9, 2019