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Landing a job you love no longer involves strolling into a small business and chatting with the owner. Instead, the hiring process starts with crafting a resume that perfectly summarizes your skills and catches employers’ eyes without them ever having to meet you.

Just as the hiring process has evolved with technology, so has resume writing — and it can be tricky to keep up with the trends. Fortunately, a few practical strategies can make your resume jump out in the modern job market.

Below, we cover some essential resume tips that can draw employers’ attention in 2022.

1. Keep It Concise and Skimmable

If unsure how to write a good resume, the golden rule is to keep things succinct. Hiring managers love resumes tailored to the specific position candidates are applying for. Instead of treating your CV like a biography, think of it as a way to market yourself to the person who potentially wants to hire you.

Here are some tips to punch up your resume while keeping things simple:

  • Avoid fluff and lengthy blocks of text (aside from your summary section).

  • Emphasize the hard skills you’ve learned from training, education, and job experience.

  • Focus on accomplishments rather than long-winded descriptions.

  • Use bullet lists to break up information.

2. Include Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Your LinkedIn account is your digital career space, where employers and colleagues can learn about your professional experience and stay in touch with you. Adding your profile URL near your contact information attracts employers’ attention and boosts your credibility. On top of that, a comprehensive LinkedIn profile can significantly increase your chances of scoring an interview.

3. Use Keywords Relevant to the Job Description

Most large companies and some mid-sized businesses use software known as applicant tracking systems (ATS). In a nutshell, these systems sort through applicants based on keywords, education, and experience. They're designed to save time for employers by showing only the most qualified applicants.

To find your way through the applicant tracking systems, think about the things your employer seeks. Pay attention to the hard skills mentioned in the job posting and choose your resume keywords from there. For example, when applying for a healthcare role, you might want to include keywords such as “patient care,” “vital signs,” or “HIPAA” to match up with the job description.

4. List Relevant Certifications

Listing credible, relevant certifications shows your dedication to refining your skills and furthering your education. Certifications can make you stand out among other applicants and are particularly helpful in healthcare and IT.

If you’ve got relevant credentials, be sure to add them to your resume. An unwritten rule here is to list the name of the certification, the certifying agency, and the date of obtainment. You may also include the location if applicable.

The Takeaway on Writing an Eye-Catching Resume for 2022

The resume tips in this post can make you stand out among other applicants as a 2022 graduate, but they are not set in stone. You can never learn too much about writing a great resume — so make sure to keep up with the trends and tips as they change.

For additional assistance with your resume, MedCerts Career Center can help. We provide many resources and tools to support you throughout your journey of building a resume and excelling in job applications and interviews. You can sign up for everything from personalized email alerts, career planning, job search webinars, and even more importantly, sessions with our Career Coaches. Our experts are always happy to help with more personalized tips and tricks for your needs and situation.

MedCerts Career Center also partners with Big Interview to meet you where you are with expert video lessons. Whether you need general resume writing tips or professional feedback from a Career Coach, we got you covered.

Check out more of our career guidance options and resume writing resources in our Career Center today!

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Published on November 24, 2021


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