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As a military spouse and parent, going back to school may feel challenging. You juggle a busy study schedule, the demands of parenting, new postings, a spouse on tour and possibly even a full- or part-time job. 

Returning to school as an adult is more common than you may expect. In fall of 2021, over 6.4 million adults enrolled in postsecondary educational programs school, either finishing a degree or earning a new credential.

Higher education widens your portable career options and increases your earning potential. It may not be an easy feat, but the following four tips can help you find a quality, military-friendly school and learn how to manage everything on your plate. 

1. Plan Ahead

Your decision to return to school adds another layer to your life. To ensure your success, get organized right from the start to stay on top of your commitments. Consider your current schedule and assess how and where you’ll fit in class time, studying and assignments.

If you attend an in-person program, try to find classes that match your existing blocks of free time, such as when your children are in school or your spouse is home from work. If that doesn’t apply to you, try virtual classes where work is asynchronous. You could complete your studies at night after your kids go to bed.

An online program, such as one of MedCerts’ healthcare or IT programs, offers flexibility where you can finish your studies around your schedule.

2. Choose a School That Supports Military Spouses

Life as a military spouse is subject to sudden change. You may move across the country or state with a new posting or parent your children alone while your spouse is on tour. You need a military-friendly school that provides flexible learning environments and support.

MedCerts, for example, offers online programs through an accessible online platform. You can study whenever and wherever you want and get help with one-on-one support from a student advisor. All programs are short-term, ranging from three to six months, allowing you to gain credentials quickly for a portable career.

3. Look for Quality

Choose a reputable school that incorporates cutting-edge technology into in-demand programs. Modern learning management systems, virtual environments, interactive skills labs and game-based learning can help you learn complex concepts and practice valuable career skills with instant feedback.

Access to financial resources also affects your educational experience. As a military spouse, you may have access to specific funding, such as the MyCAA grant, a scholarship program for military spouses sponsored by the Department of Defense.

4. Ask for Help

Military spouses are independent and resilient, quickly adjusting to new roles, cities and communities. So, you may not be used to asking for help with your studies or kids. But, if your new posting is farther away from friends and family, getting all the help you can makes your studies a lot easier to handle.

Check with your local military family support center for help with child and youth services, and reach out to your professor or student advisor. MedCerts instructors and advisors are available via phone, chat and email and respond quickly to messages.

Study With Confidence

Going back to school is a monumental decision, and it can feel that much more challenging for military spouses and parents. But your journey to a high-demand, portable career becomes much smoother when you enroll in a military-friendly school. Connect with a MedCerts Educational Consultant today to learn more about our online programs, personalized guidance and financial assistance.

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Published on September 25, 2023


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