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Every military spouse understands the value of flexibility. You develop the ability to move a household on short notice, and you know that move might include a new job. Transferable skills are like gold for you.

Transferable skills are job-relevant skills you can carry between jobs and even between careers. You may have transferable skills from a current or future job, and you definitely have transferable military spouse life skills.

Whether you're looking for a new position or a completely new career, here are four transferable skills you can use to get started.

1. Adaptability

As a military spouse, you know how to adapt to changing circumstances. Maybe you were planning for a child's softball season in California, only to find out you'd be moving to Texas in a few weeks. So, you adapt — you research local and school teams and sign the kid up in time, all while managing everyone's emotional reactions to the move.

Employers appreciate that level of responsive flexibility, especially in busy industries such as healthcare. Ever-changing staff schedules and changing patient volumes are no match for you.

2. Willingness to learn

According to a recent survey, hiring managers value a willingness to learn above all other "soft" skills. Workplace tools are constantly changing, and employers need to know you can adapt.

For example, suppose you complete the IT support professional program with MedCerts and get a job with a small company. That company needs to know you can learn new programs and adapt to updates.

Military spouses have lots of opportunities to show openness to learning. Every time you arrive in a new town and set up a home, you have to learn everything about the place, including things like connecting to your new home wifi. These make great stories for interviews.

3. Problem-Solving

Nobody can troubleshoot like a military spouse. You probably have a backup plan for everything in your life — from childcare to grocery shopping — just in case your partner's schedule changes. You also know how to figure something out when plans A and B have both gone out the window, but life still needs to happen.

These skills are easily transferable to the workplace. Imagine you're working as a phlebotomy technician, drawing blood in a small lab. One of your coworkers is out sick, the waiting room is full and your next patient is terrified of needles.

You probably already have six solutions to this problem building in your head. That's the kind of skill transferability employers love.

4. Communication and networking

Did you know two-thirds of recruiters consider culture fit as an "important factor" when evaluating candidates?

When you frequently move to new communities, you become adept at communicating with different types of people. You may even have transferred to a new country and had to learn entirely new cultural norms. These experiences help you build connections and establish fit in multiple environments.

Bring Your Transferable Skills to a New Career

Transferable skills are essential, but they're only part of the picture. If you want to establish yourself in a career you can carry from place to place, consider certification-based training at MedCerts.

A military-friendly and MyCAA-approved school, MedCerts is dedicated to helping military spouses prepare for bright futures in industries such as healthcare and IT. Speak with an education consultant to learn more about programs and funding.

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Published on July 19, 2023


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