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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Many of us have heard the phrase “new normal” applied to online education. Because of how quickly technologies are developed, the global reach of the internet and the growing need for a workforce that’s skilled in the digital world, this mode of learning is on track to become mainstream before the year 2025.

Those who participate in online job training get a number of benefits that traditional classes lack: learning on the student's schedule, unmatched flexibility, broader perspectives and new technical competencies, among others.

But not all online training is created equal. Have a look at MedCerts and see how it stands out.

What Is MedCerts?

MedCerts is a national online career training and job assistance school that offers more than 30 online education programs in the growing IT and healthcare fields. We’ve helped over 35,000 students gain the credentials necessary to enter into new and lucrative careers. Our high-quality instruction, innovative guided learning, and data-driven approach bring high-demand job placement opportunities to every student.

4 Ways MedCerts Job Training is Top Tier

1. One-on-One Student Support

MedCerts students always get the support they need to succeed. From their first inquiries about the programs to the moment they graduate, they have our data-driven approach to outreach and support at their disposal. Our holistic coaching approach includes:

· Personal education consultants

· Student success advisers

· Monitoring of progress

· Pro-active check-ins

· A technology-driven knowledge bot for 24/7 assistance

· Exam prep

· One-on-one career coaches

· A career toolkit‌

2. Integration of the 12 Elements of eLearning

Students in MedCerts programs have a certification exam pass rate of 89%, which is 20% higher than the national average. One of the driving forces behind such success is the 12 Elements of eLearning model we’ve specially designed to keep students stimulated, engaged, and entertained throughout the MedCerts journey. They include:

· HD-quality, instructor-led videos

‌· 3D animations

· Virtual interactive training scenarios

· Clinical skills demonstrations and simulations

· Patient demonstrations and interactions

· Interactive games and activities

· Traditional textbook readings and assessments

With these elements and more, MedCerts caters to a wide variety of learning styles so that every student excels.

‌3. Career Prep Tools

We’re committed to ensuring all MedCerts students are prepared for a lifetime of careers, not just their next job. In partnership with CareerEdge, we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind career toolkit containing over 500 hours of explorable job search content. We also provide personal career coaches, who ensure every MedCerts student ends their program with a professional-quality cover letter and resume. Some employers are hiring students as full-time employees, affording them the chance to get a head start in their careers by gaining critical clinical experience before they take their certification exam and we’re committed to helping students find these opportunities.

If employment isn’t available, our Career Services will assist students in seeking out paid internships, externships, job shadowing, or volunteer opportunities.

4. Industry Connections

MedCerts students who complete the program will be made available to our network of more than 1,000 organizations in the health care and IT industries. We’ve also built an employer pursuit team dedicated to expanding our slate of partnerships. Some of our current placement partners include:

· Walmart

‌· Sanford Health

· Ochsner Health

· American Red Cross

· DaVita

· CVS‌

The Takeaway

MedCerts takes online job training seriously. With one-on-one student support, diverse models of learning and connections and experiences to help students get their feet in the door, embarking on a new career path has never been easier.

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Published on May 10, 2021