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The healthcare staffing shortage is nothing new. The industry has been dealing with it for several years now, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

As the baby boomer population ages and issues related to COVID-19 have come into play, the healthcare industry has been struggling to keep up. Recruiting highly qualified healthcare workers will be essential to combat the high number of healthcare positions that need to be filled.‌

To improve the staffing outlook in the healthcare industry, staffers will have to do more than just recruit new workers to this lucrative field, however. Retraining and retaining current workers will go a long way to addressing staff shortages, and it’s easier than you might think.

Here are four ways healthcare staffing can recruit, improve and retain workers.

Implement Internal Training and Cross-Training

A simple way to find more qualified candidates is to train those already working in the healthcare field. By training workers that are already in the system, essential positions can be filled while leaving more entry-level positions to new recruits.

Providing training and giving opportunities to workers who have already proved they have the skills benefits both the institution and the workers. Additionally, cross-training candidates on the job helps ensure that you always have a candidate available who can fill any number of positions.

Partner With Training Schools

Healthcare facilities can partner with training schools to keep vacancies filled with properly trained candidates. These schools are always looking for placement opportunities for their new graduates.

Partnering with training schools ensures that there are always available candidates to fill every healthcare vacancy and that the training is always up to par.

Make Use of Technology and Teleprofessionals

Technology is the key to the future of healthcare. More and more healthcare professionals are using it to extend their reach and their careers. Healthcare facilities must train all of their staff in the newest technologies to allow them the opportunity to help the most people

Skilled teleprofessionals can help areas experiencing shortages by supplying candidates virtually in areas without proper in-person healthcare staffing.

Improve Employee Retention

More and more candidates are leaving the healthcare field due to factors like stress and a lack of work-life balance. The best way to keep these qualified professionals is through better benefits and an efficient scheduling system. Burnout is a real phenomenon and disproportionately affects high-stress fields like healthcare. Offering a way to create a better work-life balance is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of burnout and keep trained professionals from leaving the field.

‌The Takeaway

While it’s true that the candidate shortage is getting worse, it doesn’t have to continue on that trajectory. If the healthcare industry can work on attracting more candidates into the field while retaining current employees and making better use of them, the number of vacancies will begin to slow. Fewer vacancies means an increased ability to keep everyone safe and healthy through better preventative and routine care.

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Published on April 22, 2021