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‌You’ve probably heard that college is the best way to get a career and become successful. While that may be true for some, college is not a realistic solution for all of us.

The average student attending a public 4-year institution will pay $25,615 for one academic year, according to EducationData.org. This financial burden, along with the time commitment of a degree, can make college a no-go for many.

Luckily, you can still achieve a fulfilling, rewarding career without a college degree. All you’ll need is some technical training or a certificate to get started.

Below, discover five exciting careers that need no degree, and where to learn the necessary skills to get hired.

1. EKG Technician

Estimated salary: $29,000 - $39,000

A career as an electrocardiography (EKG) technician offers an excellent position in healthcare without the need for a degree. EKG technicians specialize in electrocardiogram testing, which measures the heart’s electrical activity using small electrodes.

As an EKG tech, you’ll help doctors identify and treat patients with cardiovascular issues, as well as guide patients through the EKG testing process.

MedCerts' program can get you on your way to becoming an EKG tech in only 11 weeks.

2. IT Support Professional

‌Estimated salary: $31,000 - $73,000

As an IT support professional, you will train to have a deep understanding of hardware and software, networking technologies, and computer operating systems. You may hold a job title such as a desktop support specialist, help desk technician, or software support specialist.

To branch into the world of IT, MedCerts offers a 10-week certification program to get you started on a new career path.

3. Office/Administrative Assistant

Estimated salary: $25,000 - $43,000

Office and administrative assistants are valuable personnel in any workplace, ensuring day-to-day routine runs smoothly. In this role, your responsibilities may include taking calls, scheduling meetings, preparing communication materials, bookkeeping, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Are you thinking about becoming an administrative or office assistant?

MedCerts's 7-Week Microsoft Office Specialist program can help you master the basics of Microsoft Office software and set you up for success in your future positions.

4. Pharmacy Technician

Estimated salary: $19,000 - $49,000

Pharmacy technicians are essential in the medical field, working alongside pharmacists to prepare and distribute prescription medication to customers. As a pharmacy tech, you may also handle insurance forms, label medication, and more.

To become a pharmacy technician, you can get certified in 25 weeks through MedCerts with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP.)

5. Physical Therapy Aide and Administration Specialist

Estimated Salary: $27,000 - $46,000

A physical therapy aide may indirectly assist with the treatment of patients recovering from injuries and illnesses. In this role, you’ll complete tasks surrounding the patient experience, such as cleaning, preparing the treatment area, sanitizing equipment, documenting patient exercise responses, and more.

MedCerts offers a 17-week program to become a physical therapy aide and prepare you for your brand-new healthcare career.

Bottom Line on Careers Without a Degree

While degrees have helped people worldwide reach their career goals, traditional college is not the only path to success. Whether you want to break into healthcare, IT, or project management, there are alternative paths that can help you get there.

Different education options, such as certification programs and technical training, can land you in the industry of your dreams and help you grow your career for years to come.

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Published on September 8, 2021