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ATTN Military Spouses: For a limited time, the Department of Defense has expanded eligibility for My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to the first 1,250 approved applicants in the ranks of E-6 and O-3. MedCerts is an approved school for the MyCAA scholarship.

Being a spouse to an active service member can be very stressful, but it is also rewarding in many ways. However, one of the biggest things we hear from spouses is that they yearn to have a career of their own but don't know how to find a portable career path.‌

There are many excellent career opportunities available for military spouses. The trick is knowing what they are and how to spot them. ‌

5 Job Opportunities for Military Spouses

Many military spouses qualify for the MyCAA Scholarship, which offers up to $4,000 towards qualifying programs. In addition, there are many certification programs that this Department of Defense funding will completely cover.‌ To help you find the perfect career, we've created a quick list of high-demand careers that allow you to relocate. ‌

1. Dental Assistant

Certified Dental Assistants are essential members of a successful dental practice. As the dental field continues to grow, so does the demand for knowledgeable dental assistants. Fortunately, military bases often have job opportunities available for service members' families, including the dental field. ‌Dental assistant responsibilities can include:

  • Direct care of patients

  • Sterilizing equipment

  • Taking mouth impressions

2. Pharmacy Technician Professional

As a Certified Pharmacy Technician, you will have many career opportunities with companies that have pharmacies all over the US and abroad. ‌Pharmacy technician responsibilities can include:

  • Process prescription requests

  • Prepare prescription labels

  • Submit insurance claim forms

3. Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistants are highly sought-after in every medical practice. In addition, many hospitals are in a network that provides opportunities in many locations that have military bases. ‌Medical assistant responsibilities can include:

  • Taking patient vitals

  • Maintaining patient records

  • Administrative duties

4. PC Technician

A career as a Certified PC Technician is perfect for anyone that loves computers. There are many opportunities for a PC technician in corporate IT departments, call centers, and retail repair shops. In addition, remote positions allow you to work from home and make it easy to move with your military spouse without changing jobs.‌ PC technician responsibilities can include:

  • Computer system upgrades

  • System configuration

  • PC building

‌5. IT Support Professional

A Certified IT Support Professional is another career opportunity that often offers remote work-from-home positions. ‌IT support responsibilities can include:

  • Help desk support

  • Update computer software and networks

  • Set up basic computer security

‌How to Find Good Job Opportunities

Now that you have some ideas for an excellent remote career, finding them will be the next step. Unfortunately, many hourly jobs don't provide good benefits or a decent wage. On the other hand, salaried positions often require their employees to work more hours and wear many hats that are not in the original job description.‌

Good Job Qualities

A good job opportunity will have benefits that set it apart from other jobs. Some things to look for are:

  • Livable wages

  • Benefit packages

  • Flexible and stable hours

  • Potential remote work opportunities

  • Clear expectations

‌Quality Training

An effective training program should include mentorship, one-on-one support, and career-building tools. By completing a certification program that offers quality training, you will be sure to find a good job no matter where you are stationed.

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Published on October 20, 2021