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So you're getting ready to graduate — congratulations! It's a huge achievement, and you should take a minute to celebrate your success.

Now that you've celebrated, it's time to find a job in your new career field. Job hunting can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you're not sure where to start. What are employers looking for on a resume? Are cover letters required? What's the best website for job postings? You have questions, and the MedCerts Career Center can help.

1. Resume and Cover Letter Help

There's an entire section devoted to resumes. Here you'll find information about what recruiters are looking for in a resume and what information to include, as well as tips for formatting your resume. There's also information on Applicant Tracking Systems, sample resumes, resume tips, and even a resume builder.

MedCerts has devoted a separate section to cover letters. This section includes information about the purpose of cover letters and tips to make the most of yours. You'll also find tips and samples to give you an idea of what your cover letters should look like.

2. So. Many. Webinars

MedCerts offers frequent job-related webinars. These webinars cover job search strategies, resume and cover letter tips and even highlight specific employers. If you find webinars helpful or you'd like to interact with other job seekers, these Career Center webinars may be for you.

3. Tips for Nailing Your Interviews

In the Interview Preparation section, you'll find tips for acing your interviews. The best feature here is Big Interview. This platform offers advice for interviewing, but you'll also be able to complete mock interviews, practice some of the most common interview questions and receive feedback on your interview from experts. You'll be prepared for possible interview curveballs and ready to make the best impression possible.

4. Job Search and Alerts

MedCerts, like so many other colleges and training centers, partners with employers to give their graduates a leg up in their job search. You can search for available jobs from featured employers or sign up with DirectSource and match with jobs. MedCerts also works with Snagajob, and students and graduates can set up alerts for new job openings in their field.

5. Working With a Career Coach

MedCerts has a whole team of career coaches to help you in your job search. They can help you build or update your resume, create a plan for your job search, prepare for interviews or just answer questions you may have about how to position yourself to employers after a career pivot. These coaches are available to currently enrolled students and graduates, so even if you've completed your MedCerts program, you can still get the support you need.

The MedCerts Career Center has everything you need to start your career. From webinars to resume tips and career coaching, this amazing resource will help you land the job of your dreams.

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Published on December 30, 2021


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