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How we work online has changed significantly during the past decade, and the demands of the last year have made digital job training more important than ever. Companies seek employees who are tech-savvy and know their way around computers, apps and websites, and as a case manager, you can guide your clients toward classes that foster the digital skills they need.

Here are the top five skills that will help your clients succeed with digital job training this year

1. Basic Computer and Website Skills

Most people don't realize that constant exposure to changing technology has given them some form of basic digital training. So, it's highly likely your clients already have some computer and website navigation skills. Encouraging them to become a Microsoft Office Specialist, for example, will help them build on what they may already know, learning how to draft professional documents, create spreadsheets and work collaboratively on presentations — skills that are all essential in today's job market.

2. An Understanding of Network Security

With cybercrime posing a serious threat for many businesses, an in-depth understanding of network security will give job candidates a competitive edge in a marketplace where many companies are interested in keeping data safe. Because information technology has integrated itself across different fields, your clients can launch a career with a government agency or a private company.

MedCerts offers many options for job training in network security, starting with an affordable online class called the Fundamentals of IT.

3. Capable of Digital Multi-Tasking

Productivity can be challenging in an age where we're constantly being bombarded with pop-ups, instant messages, emails, online research surveys, and other digital distractions. That's why it’s important to learn how to multi-task in a digital environment.

Multi-tasking is the essence of project management, and it's important for any business professional to know how to manage several responsibilities while working toward accomplishing one main goal in a set amount of time.

4. Online Communication Skills

Most conversations mainly take place online nowadays, particularly in business. You need to be comfortable sending email attachments and using messaging programs, and you also need to know the importance of nuance so that you express yourself properly and professionally. A good digital job training program that focuses on online communication skills teaches the technical aspects of online communication along with the soft skills necessary to respectfully and effectively engage with colleagues in the digital space.

5. Online Video Meetings

This past year forced many into remote work, boosting the popularity of online video meetings over Zoom, Skype and other conferencing apps. Encouraging your clients to learn how to use these communication tools and best practices will give them the confidence they need to engage with potential employers.

Digital Job Training Boosts Client Success

Years ago, many of us never imagined we'd be working remotely. Today, it's almost expected. Digital job training will help your clients gain the technical skills and confidence they need to launch a new career in any industry.

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Published on April 13, 2021