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The healthcare industry offers some of the fastest-growing career opportunities throughout the United States, but it isn’t easy to break into the industry without training and support from a top school. That's why becoming a medical assistant — a professional who provides both clinical and administrative duties in medical facilities — is the first strategic step on a path toward a high-paying, in-demand career.

When researching online medical assistant training programs, prospective students should consider not only what skills and knowledge they’ll gain from the courses, but also what real-world experience and employment assistance they'll get. To get noticed by employers, you’ll want to have more than just coursework on your resume.

Here are five things the top online medical assistant training programs should do for you.

1. Go Beyond the Basics

Most medical assistant training programs provide basic knowledge regarding both clinical and administrative work, but the best programs go further. Top prospective healthcare employees need a comprehensive understanding of what is expected in the workplace, whether at a physician’s office, hospital, clinic, or outpatient facility.

This includes learning how to prep blood samples for lab tests, provide injections for patients, update patient information in their medical records, and coordinate patient care with doctors. Look for programs that teach you analytical, technical and interpersonal skills for this career.

2. Help You Prepare for Exams

Especially if you are a stay-at-home parent or the spouse of a military professional who is always on the move, you’ll be juggling a lot along with your studies. The best online medical assistant training programs will provide extra support to help you prepare for your exams.

MedCerts provides adaptive knowledge assessments and practice exams to help you identify weaknesses and strengths before the final exam. As a result, MedCerts has an exam pass rate that’s 88% higher than the national average.

3. Offer Career Coaching

Passing your exams is the first step toward launching a career in the healthcare industry. You’ll also want individualized assistance to help you search for job opportunities so you can position yourself effectively to meet your goals.

Look for an online training program that offers career coaching as part of the enrollment benefits. MedCerts matches students one-on-one with experts in their chosen fields to help students find success.

4. Provide Industry Networking

You may have the skills for the job, the necessary experience and a polished resume, but you'll also need to get all of this in the right hands. The top online training courses will help provide you with the necessary networking opportunities in your industry.

MedCerts, for example, has a National Employer Network of over 1,000 employers that helps students connect with top employers throughout the country.

Find Success as a Medical Assistant

Just because online training isn't face-to-face doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t have individualized support when launching their careers in the healthcare industry, and that's exactly what you'll get with MedCerts. They even connect you with a personal Student Success Advisor who can provide advice and motivation to start your career.To learn more, contact a learning expert today.

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Published on March 31, 2021