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It’s challenging enough to be an adult student — but the realities of being a military spouse make finding the most innovative schools even more important.

Unlike other adults who head back to school to pursue degrees and certifications, milspouse students face even more challenges. It can be nearly impossible to commit to a six-month or longer academic program when you never know when your family will be reassigned. You need to stay flexible and ready to move whenever it’s required.

Yet, formal training and education are often required for professional opportunities that create a rich and fulfilling life beyond caring for the family and the household. There’s no reason to put your life on hold just because of your spouse’s military career.

The key to overcoming these unique challenges is to look for an academic institution that understands and accommodates the day-to-day realities of being a military spouse. Here are five traits of a good school to look for when deciding your professional future.

1. Remote Learning

Milspouses can take advantage of new opportunities that have risen from technological advances over the last few years. Today, remote learning is a common and respected method of getting the education you need to get ahead.

If you have an internet connection and access to a computer, you can register for an academic program you can complete right from home — wherever home happens to be.

2. Courses in In-Demand Fields

Another one of the traits of a good school is offering programs that can result in lucrative employment no matter where in the world your family is stationed.

Two of the most in-demand fields are healthcare and information technology (IT). Many of these jobs can also be done remotely, and nearly every community needs trained, work-ready professionals in these industries.

3. Interactive and Hands-On Learning

You’ll get the most out of your education if you immerse yourself in the learning process. While hands-on learning is common with in-person classes, many online programs lack interactivity. Look for a program that provides the best of both worlds.

4. Supportive Staff and Mentorship

No one wants to feel like they're reduced to a number — especially milspouses. Seek out a school that offers a strong support network with experienced staff who know exactly what you’re going through. The best institutions for military spouses have worked for years with students just like you.

Mentorship can also play a powerful role in helping you succeed despite significant changes in your life. Find an academic home that offers mentors and encouragement every step of the way.

5. Career Networking for Post-Graduate Opportunities

Finally, the most innovative schools can help you find a great job after graduation. Building a career from the ground up takes networking, which can include internships and externships. You may need help crafting a strong resume, and the best schools have a team who knows course completion is just the beginning.

MedCerts Checks the Boxes

MedCerts, an online academic institution, checks all the boxes with their 12 elements of eLearning. This remote-learning school is also an approved MyCAA school, meaning you can apply your financial assistance to jumpstart your career while balancing your family’s military realities today.

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Published on November 29, 2022


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