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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Case managers really have seen it all — and that includes all the training programs that simply don't translate into careers for their clients.

Every case manager wants their clients to succeed, especially when they're able to benefit from the WIOA grant opportunities that you can connect them with. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is designed to help your clients achieve their career goals, but it won't work if the training program doesn't.

MedCerts prides itself as a different kind of online training program for students looking to become leaders in the growing healthcare and IT industries.

As an approved WIOA program vendor with a proven track record, MedCerts offers programs that can help your clients excel. Medcerts’ student-focused programs alleviate extra work for you while getting your clients started in their new careers with five key distinctions.

1: Better Student Support

Case managers are just too busy to hold the hand of every client that could benefit from WIOA funding. The customized, individual support that MedCerts offers not only provides valuable resources for students, but it also makes your life easier.

From the initial contact, your clients will be paired one-on-one with trained advisors to help them every step of the way. From creating a detailed online education plan to motivating them and assisting with study tips, MedCerts is ready to assist.

They can answer questions about the certification exam and their personal career services advisor can assist with landing that first job in a new industry.

2: Everything's Included

Frequently, you'll find training programs that list one price, but after signing up your client discovers that hands-on training, course materials, necessary items like scrubs, and even the certification exams cost extra.

If your client doesn't have any resources to pay for the added costs, the WIOA grant won't do them much good. At MedCerts, it's all-in-one pricing. Everything is included in the stated tuition cost.

3: The 12 Elements of eLearning

MedCerts follows the 12 Elements of eLearning, combining academic best practices with years of experience. These include:

  • HD-quality instructor-led videos
  • 3D animations
  • Virtual interactive training scenarios
  • Clinical skills demonstrations and simulations
  • Patient demonstrations and interactions
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Traditional textbook readings and assessments

With these engaging and effective methods of learning, MedCerts has achieved an exam pass rate of 89% — that's 20% higher than the national average.

4: Affordable

Not only are MedCerts’ programs effective for helping students pass their exams and get the jobs they’ve been dreaming of, but the whole process is also possible with no out-of-pocket expenses with the help of WIOA. In fact, MedCerts is on average only one-third of the price of competing programs.

5: Fast Certification

Case managers know that their clients just want to start working. The online training for healthcare and IT skills through MedCerts takes anywhere from a few weeks to six months to complete. Compare that to other programs, which can last years.

To learn more about individual programs and how MedCerts is different, check out the MedCerts website today.

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Published on September 9, 2020