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Nowadays, nursing students are attracted to programs that will set them apart from other students. More variety translates to more choice, allowing both current and future nursing students to learn about the nursing-adjacent topics that interest them most or best fit their career aspirations.

From a business perspective, supplementing your nursing degree with healthcare certifications can give your institution a competitive boost, as you'll be offering additional knowledge and skills that rival institutions don't. In this blog, we look at five ways to add certifications to your nursing degree program. 

1. Utilize Stackable Credits

Stackable credits allow students to learn a topic over an extended period, leading to full certification within two years. The flexible structure means students can get specialist certification on the side while pursuing their primary qualification, giving them an edge when they enter the job market.

At MedCerts, we can help you incorporate our healthcare certifications into your nursing course catalog through stackable credits, giving students a chance to pursue specialty pathways early on.

2. Create Alumni Programs

When a student graduates from your nursing degree program, they might want to develop further expertise in a related area. There are many ways to use a nursing degree, so some graduates may opt to retrain for another career within healthcare altogether, leading them to undertake additional certification.

One way to attract and retain these graduates is to offer them targeted incentives, such as alumni-only tuition discounts or scholarships on specialist certifications, apprenticeship opportunities, or awards.

3. Consider Healthcare Partnerships

Collaboration is a great way to diversify your course catalog. You could partner with another higher education institution that offers a certification you don't, so your students get access to it in exchange for you returning the favor.

By partnering with MedCerts, you could offer students healthcare certifications across a range of areas, from electronic health records to nutritional coaching and phlebotomy technology. Our courses are designed for busy schedules so they won't clash with students' nursing degrees, and we also can stand up apprenticeship programs to develop their hands-on experience.

4. Leverage Online Courses

Online courses are flexible and allow students to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes, making them an excellent option for adding certification to your nursing degree program. These courses can get students job-ready in just three to six months and also tend to offer alternative benefits such as personalized mentorship.

MedCerts has more than 30 online healthcare certifications to choose from, and all exam fees, books, and materials are included. We also offer career coaching, and each student is assigned a personal advisor accessible through calls, texts, and e-mails for tailored advice and guidance.

5. Offer Credits For Continuing Education

Learning is a lifelong journey, and even the most qualified and experienced nurses need a healthcare refresher from time to time. You could encourage your nursing students and alums to continually strengthen their expertise by offering credits for pursuing additional certifications. MedCerts can help you create a transferable co-learning experience through articulated credits.

MedCerts has a strong track record of working with higher education institutions, having established relationships with Franklin University and Excelsior University. We can help your nursing students reach their goals faster through our catalog of healthcare certifications.

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Written by Patrick Verda
Director of Partnerships

Patrick Verda is MedCerts' Director of Partnerships and a senior-level sales leader. With more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience in the Ed-Tech sector, Patrick understands the complex needs and challenges that organizations face, and he enjoys working collaboratively to address these challenges.

Patrick spent years in various sales and sales management roles at Blackboard, IBM, and Cengage Learning. Patrick earned a BA from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Master of Business Administration from Hamilton University.

Patrick resides in Bloomington, IL with his wife and four grown children. He is a member of the advisory board for the Chicago-based nonprofit 'Cardz For Kidz'.

Published on March 14, 2023


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