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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

We spend a good chunk of our lives at work, so it's critical to choose the right career, advance at the pace you need and be happy with your choices. Having a good career is a matter of opportunity, and the traditional routes aren't for everyone. You know you want more skills, but your training has to be online and fast, and it has to pay off.

The rapidly growing fields of healthcare and IT offer both immediate positions and chances to advance. Both fields have good-paying jobs with plenty of vacancies and increasing demand over the course of the next decade. Entering one of these areas or adding to your existing skillset through quick career programs can set you up for great success.

6 Quick Career Programs at MedCerts That Guarantee High-Paying Jobs

Here are six quick career programs offered by MedCerts where you'll learn new skills that'll help you say goodbye to the grind and enter a successful career path.

Patient Care Technician

Doctors and nurses need patient care technicians to help care for their most vulnerable patients. These patients especially rely on these professionals for things like their bathing and feeding needs as well as their blood draws and other procedures. So, if you want to be hands-on in the healthcare industry, join MedCerts' Patient Care Technician program.

  • Program Length: 24 weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $37,000

EKG Technician

EKG technicians are responsible for operating high-tech electrocardiography – or EKG – equipment, so they have a pivotal role in helping doctors diagnose and treat cardiovascular issues. EKG technicians also explain procedures and reassure patients apprehensive about undergoing the procedure.

With MedCerts' EKG Technician program, you'll be able to not only learn about EKG but also specialize in techniques like vectorcardiography and cardiac catheterization.

  • Program Length: 12 weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $33,500

Healthcare Administration Professional

Regardless of whether it's a small family practice, an urgent care center or a large hospital system, every healthcare setting simply can't operate without people who keep all the data and paperwork straight and talk to patients about complicated paperwork or billing in terms they understand. MedCerts' Healthcare Administration Professional program will help you become one of those assets.

  • Program Length: 25 weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $41,000

Fundamentals of IT

The guy sitting at the table next to yours at your favorite cafe may talk like he knows everything IT, but even he couldn't get by without professional help.

If you want to kick off a career in Information Technology with a potentially huge upward trajectory, you may want to give MedCerts' Fundamentals of IT program a try. Here, you'll learn how to set up workstations, maintain hardware and software and troubleshoot.

  • Program Length: 3 weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $35,000

IT Helpdesk Administrator

If you've ever been at work when the network went down, you probably understand how critical it is to have an IT helpdesk administrator on hand. With MedCerts' IT Helpdesk Administrator program, you can choose to work in virtually any field once you finish your training. You'll learn how to help with setting up, troubleshooting and maintaining networks. Once you have this framework in place, the sky is the limit in building an IT career.

  • Program Length: 18 Weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $38,000

Healthcare IT Technician

Healthcare IT Technicians deal with networking and security, Electronic Health Records and regulatory requirements. MedCerts' Healthcare IT Technician program teaches you how to keep IT systems up to date and manage patient records so that health care systems both large and small operate smoothly.

  • Program Length: 24 weeks

  • Average Starting Salary: $35,000

Enhance Your Career Path With MedCerts Today!

At MedCerts, our several short career programs can serve as the building blocks for your future career growth from the get-go. Our training programs run by industry professionals and the assistance from our education consultants will help you find the high-paying job you want and deserve. Contact us now and take the next step in building your career.

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Published on March 21, 2022


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