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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

If your clients qualify for workforce funding for career training, your role as a case manager is to help them succeed through the program and beyond.

Make sure any school you recommend provides students the support they require during their program AND after graduation to be successful in their new careers.

6 MedCerts Initiatives That Help Graduates Succeed

Quality student services and career support are key pillars of MedCerts—which already offers high-quality and remote-based certification in highly sought-after occupations in the healthcare and IT industries. Here are six ways that MedCerts helps its students prepare for post-grad life.

1. Access to Personal Education Consultants

During enrollment, all prospective students receive individual guidance to make sure that their skills and strengths will match the career that interests them. They’ll likely have plenty of questions about what certifications are necessary to begin a new professional path. Live MedCerts personal education consultants are always ready to help.

2. One-on-One Career Coaching

Once your clients have chosen the career training program that’s best for them, they’ll also be connected to a motivational coach who has expertise in the curriculum they will eventually master. The job of these one-on-one coaches is simply to help students succeed.

3. Exam Prep Help

It’s common for students to be nervous as their exams approach. MedCerts offers practice examinations from the issuing authority. Your clients can take advantage of this offer to gain confidence in their knowledge.

These adaptive assessments can simulate actual exam days. By the time the real thing comes around, they’re more likely to be confident and prepared.

4. National Employer Partner Network

Earning new certifications are valuable for building a resume. However, some healthcare certifications require hands-on experience for full certification.

MedCerts is committed to supporting and helping students in finding these clinical opportunities and sponsoring them during this experience. We also present students to our National Employer Partner Network — which is built of over 1,000 employers we've worked with across the US.

5. Career Toolkit

Your client may have everything needed to start a career, thanks to workforce funding. But they’ll also benefit from the MedCerts Career Toolkit, which prepares them for the real world.

They’ll receive the tools they need to not just land a job, but launch themselves as new industry professionals. Hours of content in this toolkit will teach them best practices for post-grad life—from building resumes and creating ePortfolios to nailing interview simulations.

6. Encouragement With Every Milestone

Case managers don’t have the resources to celebrate every milestone of every client, but MedCerts will take over the responsibility for its students.

Your clients will be encouraged with support when they pass exams. If problems arise, MedCerts professionals will also be there to make sure students will be able to achieve the goals outlined in their individualized success plans.

Guarantee Your Clients the Support They Deserve

Making sure your clients get the support they deserve helps them complete their training, pass their certification exams and be properly positioned to land a job that will start them on the professional path they seek. MedCerts provides individualized support every step of the way.

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Published on December 9, 2020