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A Phlebotomy Technician does a lot more than taking blood. It’s a profession that requires compassion and care, along with an interest in how blood draws can potentially save a life.

Whether you find work at a blood bank or a medical office, phlebotomists are a key part of helping health teams get the information they need to diagnosis patient health issues.

Aside from doing incredibly rewarding work, there are a few other big benefits of becoming a phlebotomy technician.

Here’s a look at 7 of the benefits of being in the phlebotomy field.

1. Quick Training Period and a Growing Job Market

It’s relatively easy to enter a Phlebotomy Technician certification program and finish it quickly. Some programs are as short as 15 weeks long. And once you finish, finding work isn’t hard. Laboratories, blood donor centers, and hospitals are all in need of professional phlebotomists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the phlebotomist job market is projected to grow 25 percent from 2016 to 2026. That’s much faster than the average for all occupations, so if you want job security, you’ll find it as a phlebotomist.

2. The Profession Pays Well

For an entry-level position, the phlebotomy field pays well –a Phlebotomy Technician can average around $35,000 — with a high salary range of around $49,000. Outpatient care centers tend to pay the best.

3. Flexibility

Phlebotomy Certification requirements don’t typically vary by state, so you have the freedom to move around the U.S., and there are Phlebotomy Technician jobs everywhere. If you aren’t a Certified Phlebotomy Technician, however, you will need to certify if you move to Louisiana, California, Nevada, or Washington as those states require phlebotomists to be certified.

Depending on what hours you want to work, you can choose an environment that supports your preferred schedule. When you compare a doctor’s office versus a hospital, for example, you can have very different schedule options.

4. Work Variety Will Keep Boredom Away

Every day is a new day in healthcare. As a Phlebotomy Technician, you have the benefit of meeting new people each day. Depending on where you work, you’ll have different patients, emergencies, potential worksite locations, shifts, and coworkers. Phlebotomists have the opportunity to work alongside almost every medical professional.

5. Standing Still Won’t Happen Much

Phlebotomists are on the move or their feet most of the day – if you’re looking for a job that doesn’t put you behind a desk from 9 to 5, this is an option to consider in healthcare. You’ll retrieve patients from waiting rooms, walk lab samples to delivery drop-offs, and stop by coworkers’ desks for additional healthcare information you may need on patients. This job is perfect for folks who love to be on the move all the time.

6. Learn the Healthcare Ropes

Phlebotomy Technicians work alongside almost all types of medical professionals. If you want to use a phlebotomy role as a professional stepping stone, you’ll get great insight into the work of other healthcare workers and what they do. You’ll gain first-hand experience and knowledge of different roles to determine if you may one day want to move onto a different career in medicine.

7. The Role is In-Demand Everywhere

It takes a special person and expert to extract blood from the youngest patient to the oldest patients. Phlebotomists have specialized skills in drawing blood, which often makes them an essential and necessary team member when trying to draw blood from a difficult vein in high-pressure medical situations.

Make a Difference in the Lives of Patients

Phlebotomists help doctors and other healthcare practitioners gain the insight needed to make important healthcare decisions about patient treatment plans. Without a blood sample, most doctors wouldn’t be able to accurately determine underlying health concerns and conditions.

The biggest benefit of working as a Phlebotomy Technician? Knowing you’ve potentially played a part in saving a life.

As an important part of the healthcare industry, phlebotomists save lives by collecting blood donations, plasma, and by getting doctors the necessary data to diagnose conditions. A good bedside manner can also help calm patients and make the blood draw process less traumatic, which can help them feel at ease the next time they need a blood test done.

If you’ve got compassion, a steady hand, good dexterity, and a love for healthcare, you’ll likely discover even more benefits after becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Technician.

Ready to start making a difference in the lives of patients? Our education consultants are available to guide you through the educational process of becoming a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. Reach out today for more information!

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Published on May 2, 2019