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If you’re going to spend most of your waking hours working, you might as well have fun doing it, right?

It’s possible to get paid well to do something you love. A boring job is a guarantee you’ll hate it, especially if you get paid peanuts to do it.

As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. When you have to go to work, heading into a workplace you love will make the days fly by. It also makes it easier to not hit snooze when you spend your days doing what makes you happy.

If you’re ready for a change, check out these 7 fun jobs that pay well without a degree:

1. Travel Agent

Median Salary: $36,990

Training/Education: None

Why You’ll Have Fun: On your daily agenda, you’ll meet new people to help them plan dream vacations.

For people who love to plan ahead, travel agent work is rewarding. Travel agents sell a bundle of services to travelers like lodging, transportation, and entertainment activities. If you love doing research and giving advice to others on the best places to stay in any given city, this might be your dream job. Travel agents make it easier for clients to book their flights, cruises, hotels, and more. Plus, thanks to technology, many travel agents can work remotely from wherever they live.

2. Dental Assistant

Median Salary: $37,630

Training/Education: Certification

Why You’ll Have Fun: You’ll meet new people daily to help them achieve their best smile.

If getting people to smile is what you do best, dental assisting could be for you. As a dental assistant, you work alongside a dentist to take care of patients’ teeth. Between interacting with patients, you’ll sterilize tools, maintain records, and more. Dental assistants constantly move around, so you’ll never be standing in one spot for very long. The educational training turnaround time is relatively quick — it only takes about 20 weeks to be prepared for the exams to become a certified dental assistant. (For additional requirements see danb.org)

3. Firefighter

Median Salary: $49,080

Training/Education: Fire academy

Why You’ll Have Fun: You’ll get paid to workout and save lives. How rewarding is that?

While firefighters do control and put out fires, they also respond to emergencies beyond fire. Staying in shape is important in this role as the equipment and gear are heavy and require strength to move around quickly during emergencies. Firefighters save lives on a daily basis, and are often the first to respond to an emergency, showing up many times before the authorities. This career is a good fit for those who are empathetic, strong, and teamwork oriented.

4. Artist

Median Salary: $49,160

Training/Education: None

Why You’ll Have Fun: You get to be as creative as you want as an artist.

Creative types who love hands-on work tend to find their job as an artist is fulfilling and fun. Craft and fine artisans create art for sale and exhibition in galleries, stores, and more. Fine artists include painters and illustrators, while craft artists make handmade objects like glassware or pottery. Some artists work from home, and others work in creative co-ops or commercial arts studios. Artists who sell their work can set their own prices as well, allowing them to set their own income levels.

5. Stationary Engineer

Median Salary: $59,890

Training/Education: Apprenticeship or on-the-job training

Why You’ll Have Fun: There’s plenty of opportunities for overtime and extra training.

Working in industrial environments might not sound fun, but if you’re mechanically inclined and love to fix things, a stationary engineer position might be your ideal job. Most stationary engineers work for the government or in settings like hospitals or private plants. This role focuses on maintaining industrial equipment like generators, boilers, and stationary engines. If you love solving problems and being hands-on, this well-paying field is one to consider.

6. Police Officer

Median Salary: $62,960

Training/Education: Police academy

Why You’ll Have Fun: Every day on the job is different, and you’ll help people daily.

Police officers spend their days protecting the communities in which they work. They often patrol neighborhoods, respond to emergency calls, or work in an office. Officers also get to visit schools and community events to make appearances while sharing public safety information. As part of their duties, they arrest criminals and prevent crime. If you’re passionate about keeping people safe along with establishing law and order, consider this job.

7. IT Security and Network Technician

Median Salary: Up to $160,000

Training/Education: Certification

Why You’ll Have Fun: Technology changes a lot, and this job keeps you on the forefront of those developments.

Love computers? If you can’t pull yourself away from learning about technology, IT security may be calling your name. This rewarding job helps you learn to monitor security on networks, applications, and operating systems. Troubleshooting basic network infrastructure, installing wired and wireless networks, and finding threats to hardware are just a few of the tasks a technician handles. Job settings include government buildings, hospitals, and private businesses who need techs to respond quickly to security breaches. This career is great for detail-oriented individuals with a knack for IT.

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