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When it comes to matching clients with the best job training programs for them, there are plenty of factors for case managers to consider. Each client will have their own set of skills and expectations, and to ensure success case managers must find the program that closely aligns with these factors.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of high-quality job training programs just waiting for the right clients. By following the essential steps below, case managers can act as the ultimate matchmaker.

Researching Clients


The first component to securing a successful match is asking the client what they hope to achieve by participating in a training program. Maybe they are seeking a certificate that will help them to land a particular job, or maybe they want to take an initial step with a program that will lead them to more advanced training or future growth opportunities.

Moreover, they may have certain expectations of coursework load, duration of the program or how involved a program is in setting them up with their careers – such as providing internships or part-time work. Understanding these expectations before researching job training programs will help narrow the possibilities.


In addition to expectations, it's important to understand a client's hard and soft skills. First, research a client's "hard" skills – technical skills that allow them to perform certain tasks. Common ones include computer, accounting or bookkeeping skills.

After this, look into a client's "soft" skills – behaviors that showcase how a client thinks and works. Typical soft skills may include being an effective communicator, multi-tasker or team player. You can understand these skills by asking clients to describe their strengths and weaknesses.

Both hard and soft skills alike can gauge which kind of job training will be a good fit.

Researching Programs


A high-quality training program is not simply one that offers a certificate or diploma but is student-focused – working alongside students on their journey to success. For instance, MedCerts offers completely personalized support and mentorship for students, providing such services as personal education consultants, student success advisors and career coaches.

By having these services, this job training program allows students to develop those all-important hard and soft skills that will prepare them for any kind of career. An internet search on student-focused job training programs often leads to programs with high rates of success.


Additionally, high-quality programs have a proven track record of matching clients with their ideal type of employment. Seek out programs with an extensive employer network with connections to employers of different sizes, fields and sectors.

These programs will typically provide aid in job-seeking skills such as resume-building, interview practice and job shadowing. This ties into job training programs that have involved staff, even after students complete their program.

Finding the Perfect Match

Finding the best job training program for your client takes a little research and preparation. Once you've nailed down a client's expectations and skills and found an education provider that assists students – not only in program success but employment success as well – you'll set your clients up for career success.

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Published on June 16, 2021