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You might know that MedCerts offers a range of online certifications and career-specific training programs in the IT space, from helpdesk administration to network technology. Now, we're broadening our catalog with the launch of a brand new program that can help you become a specialist in cloud computing (IT-7150).

What Is a Cloud Specialist?

Cloud computing involves delivering computing services – like software, databases and servers — over the internet, unlike traditional computing, which often requires a physical hard-drive. The benefits of cloud computing include better security, storage and savings on equipment.

Migrating to the cloud can cut more than 35% of a company's annual running costs. This is where cloud specialists come in – they help companies move their information and services into the cloud. There are different types of cloud specialists, including administrators, engineers and architects.

There's currently a high demand for cloud services, meaning plenty of job openings for cloud specialists. In fact, research shows that cloud computing was the second most in-demand skill in 2020. Careers in cloud computing are also pretty lucrative – you could earn from $59,000 to more than $80,000 a year.

Who Is the Program For?

Our Cloud Specialist program is perfect for people with little to no cloud experience who want an exciting career in tech. You might be a complete newbie to the world of IT, or you could be a system administrator, database administrator or software developer who wants to upskill and move up the ranks.

IT7150 is more of a 'foundational' course, as it's designed to prepare you to complete one or more employer-recognized cloud computing certifications (more on this later). It's also a great stepping stone if you plan to pursue other, more advanced MedCerts programs in cloud computing.

To be eligible for our program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma (GED).

What Will You Learn?

Our program covers both the soft and hard skills you'll need to build a successful career as a cloud specialist. Much of the technical content will focus on the ins and outs of Linux OS – the open-source operating system that the vast majority of cloud services are based on.

You'll learn how to write script on Linux, understand how computer networking works and get to grips with the basics of Python programming – and that's just the beginning. Check out our list of core modules below:

  • Customer Service Skills for Techies (16 hours)

  • Linux Essentials (16 hours)

  • Linus Shell Scripting – Basics (16 hours)

  • Networking Fundamentals (32 hours)

  • Introduction To Programming Using Python (32 hours)

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (32 hours)

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (16 hours)

  • CompTIA Cloud+ (48 hours) – recommended for people with two to three years of IT experience

Once you've completed our Cloud Specialist program, you'll be ready to pursue an employer-recognized certificate in cloud computing – Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or CompTIA Cloud+. After this, you'll be able to embark on a career that has a median salary of $74,000.

Unlike other course providers, MedCerts provides all courseware, study guides and other program resources. Our flexible, online approach to learning means you can balance acquiring a new skill alongside work and family responsibilities. We also offer one-on-one mentoring and have a dedicated career services team to get you job ready.

Portrait of Dana Janssen
Written by Dana Janssen
Chief Product Officer

Dana has over twenty (20) years’ experience in Allied Healthcare and Education, and currently serves as the Chief Product Officer for MedCerts where he is responsible for product vision and strategy, research, and development.

Dana joined MedCerts upon its founding in 2009, and has led the research, development, and production of the entire catalog of programs that have helped MedCerts transform the distance learning landscape. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovative instructional design practices, Dana and his team have pioneered the development of the MedCerts 12 Elements of eLearning. Each MedCerts program contains a proprietary blend of these engaging, interactive, and entertaining elements that effectively accommodate learners of all types. Dana is deeply in-tune with the needs of today’s healthcare employers and is an expert in careers and certifications related to allied health.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in Education (BS) degree from Valparaiso University, and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Davenport University. Dana is an avid sports fan and in his free time enjoys mountain biking, woodworking, knifemaking, and spending time with his family and pets.

Published on April 5, 2023


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