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Flex learning can be an ideal option when you want to advance your career or start a new one but your hands are full of work, family, or other obligations. Also called blended learning, Flex learning allows you to learn when and where it suits you and incorporates different forms of teaching, such as online learning, work-study programs, part-time training, in-person classes, and hybrid classrooms that offer a combination of all of these.

For nontraditional students, flex learning provides a lot of benefits that traditional programs don't, including:

More Flexibility

Much like the name suggests, one of the biggest advantages of a flex learning program is flexibility. Most programs will set a completion date for individual units or the entire class, and it will be up to you when you do the work. You can do your training program at night if you work during the day. If you have kids, you can do your learning while they're at school or after they go to bed. You can also decide where you learn best. You're not limited to sitting at a desk listening to a lecture. Work wherever you're most comfortable, whether on your own sofa, in a coffee shop, or waiting in the carpool line.

Increased Program Personalization

Flex learning allows you to personalize your learning experience. Most concepts are presented in various ways. When you're going through the material, you can slow down and focus on the sections you don't know and speed up through the sections you already know. Your learning plan can be customized to suit you instead of following a cookie-cutter plan.

Your Learning Can Adapt to and Suit Your Lifestyle

With a flex learning career training program, you can adapt it to work with your lifestyle. The flex blended learning model works for students from all backgrounds and lifestyles. You can fit in your training regardless of your schedule. The flexibility lets you train for a rewarding career even though you may be busy with other commitments.

You Can Stress Less with More Convenience and Program Customization Options

You won't have to sweat deadlines when you're enrolled in a flexible learning school. While you may have to finish up parts of the course by a certain date, you won't have daily deadlines that are typical in traditional classes. It's up to you to finish your work on your own schedule.

Financial Support

Some flex learning schools, such as MedCerts, accept workforce grants, which could cover the cost of training. MedCerts has partnered with American Job Centers (AJC) as an approved training vendor in over 30 states. Click here to learn more and find out if you’re eligible.

Higher Likelihood of Success After You Finish Your Program

When you can work at your own pace and personalize your learning plan, you're more likely to be engaged and more likely to succeed after you finish your training program. For best results, pair a flex learning program with one that offers a lot of student support, such as MedCerts. With MedCerts, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the latest technology and student support services to help you get a jump start on a well-paying and rewarding career in the highly in-demand fields of information technology and healthcare.

Portrait of Sandy Mead
Written by Sandy Mead
National Director of Workforce Development

Sandy Mead has over 22 years of experience in the workforce development space and helps MedCerts create career opportunities and build relationships with workforce offices.

As the National Director of Workforce Development, Sandy partners with workforce offices across the country to assist in the WIOA requirements of providing skills gained and national credentials to increase successful career pathways. She has been instrumental in increasing performance data outcomes and helping participants achieve credentials to enhance employment.

Published on November 2, 2022


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