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No matter what career field you’re in or how far you get, you never want to stop learning. Professional development and training in new skills can help you to excel in the job you have and prepare for your next one.

Looking toward that next step is exciting, and funding like MyCAA can make it even more so. Formally known as the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship Program, MyCAA can provide eligible military spouses with up to $4,000 in grant money to pursue a certification or associate degree.

There’s always fine print in the military, however, and many spouses wonder if they can use a MyCAA grant if they’ve already earned a degree.

Rules for Degree Holders

The simple answer is yes, you can use a MyCAA grant if you already have a degree. There are no disqualifications for degree holders. The only caveat is that you can’t use MyCAA funding to get an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree. That means it’s usually not possible to use MyCAA to further your education in the field your degree is in.

However, if you want to enter a different field and you can train for that field using a MyCAA-approved course, you should feel free to do so — assuming you’re personally eligible.

What Makes You Eligible?

If you’re a military spouse, you’re most likely eligible for a MyCAA grant if your spouse is either:

  • In active duty on Title 10 orders OR

  • A member of the National Guard or Reserve components

Your spouse also needs to be in one of the following eligible pay grades:

  • E-1 to E-5

  • W-1 or W-2

  • O-1 or O-2

To use MyCAA funds, you have to be able to complete a qualifying course while your spouse is in these pay grades. Fortunately, many MyCAA courses are designed to have you job-ready in as little as a few months.

What Courses Qualify?

MyCAA is an employment preparation program. It’s designed to prepare military spouses for careers that are in demand and portable so they can more easily find work when the family has to move.

MyCAA-approved courses also have to be geared toward a specific job or credential. Here are just a few examples from MedCerts:

Getting Started With a MyCAA Grant

As long as you meet all eligibility rules and choose a qualified course, you can take your next career step with MyCAA. Even if you have a degree, you can use your MyCAA grant to enter or advance in a growing field like IT or healthcare.

To get started, go to the official MyCAA website and create an account. From there, you can explore approved programs and schools that match your interests, career goals, and lifestyle.

You’ll need to create an Education Training Plan, and your chosen school can help you with that. MedCerts’s educational consultants are ready and waiting to explain the process and help you to apply for funding so you can start your training and get on the road to success.

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Published on February 17, 2021