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When it comes to transition it can not always be fun. Sure, we may enjoy the adventure, but the process can be a bit much to bear. Thinking of all that you are leaving behind; friends, family, job, school, church or volunteer organizations. After you have added all of that up, the bad seems to begin to outweigh the good. Here are a few ways that I have overcome the PCS blues and made the best out of every transition.

Use your resources

When moving to a new place it can be very overwhelming. Using all of the resources available to you when you transition can ease the frustration and anxiety. Military OneSource, Fleet and Family, PCSgrades, the school liaison; these are a few that can help you get started.

Join a local church or organization

Nothing can be more lonely than getting to a new place and feeling like you are by yourself. The desire to isolate begins to set in. Partnering with a local church or organization can help you not only learn more about the area but allow you to socialize with like minded people and develop relationships along the way.


Often times when we take the focus off of ourselves and focus on the needs of others we tend to get through things a little better. Let's face it, transition can sometimes get you down. Giving your time to a local food bank or volunteer organization can give you a rewarding feeling of value and purpose that you may have lost along the way in your move.

Become a tourist

Make a bucket list of all the exciting things that may be available in your new area and the surroundings cities. Make it a point to start your own adventures and take advantage of being in a location that you may have never visited on your own. This may allow you to develop a new hobby, trade or even make new friends and bring your family closer together as you share interests.

Lastly, embrace the season that you are in. The military offers so many great opportunities for our families. Stay encouraged, enjoy the adventure and bloom where you are planted!

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Published on February 11, 2019