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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

The Great Resignation has triggered waves of career enhancement and upskilling options under a new COVID-19 normal. If you’re looking for a new career path, MedCerts’ quick IT certifications are specifically designed to accommodate your considerations for time, resources and skillsets. Transitioning within or outside your current career isn’t an easy task, and certifications can give your resume the boost it needs to jump into a new industry.

MedCerts has made it much more accessible for you to explore your professional development options and to identify five quick IT certification options that are well suited to your career and background.

What is a quick certification, though? In a nutshell, a quick certification – such as that offered by MedCerts – is a credentialing offering designed to put professionals working in one area on a fast track to switch or upskill to another.

Here's a handy list of MedCerts’ top five quick IT certifications.

1. Cloud+

Training time: 6 weeks

Median pay: $55,000

With Cloud+ certification, you are credentialed to maintain and optimize cloud infrastructure services, cutting across various system administration functions. That is, you're not confined to one or a few typical IT administration jobs but can provide your services across different organizational structures, IT requirements and vendor specialties. Additionally, cloud computing is already a disruptive technology projected to hit a market worth of $832.1 billion by 2025.

The Cloud+ certification is issued by CompTIA.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (CSAA)

Training time: 11 weeks

Median pay: $129,000

Taking Cloud+ further, CSAA certification prepares associates to design and implement custom end-user distributed architectural solutions.

The certification provides in-demand Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills cutting across a wide range of cloud and administration areas including storage, computing, networking, security, database and application services.

The CSAA certification is issued by

3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Training time: 7 weeks

Median pay: $84,000

The CCNA certification is focused on implementing and administering networking and IT infrastructure. The CCNA exam covers basic networking, security, automation, IP addressing and programmability subjects.

This certification is issued by

4. Network+

Training time: 12 weeks

Median pay: $32,000

The Network+ certification provides you with the knowledge and skills required to perform routine duties as a certified professional IT network technician.

It's more basic compared to CCNA in that Network+ will be your first step into networking — if you become more interested in that field, you can apply for CCNA later at your own pace and according to your set professional goals.

The Network+ certification is issued by CompTIA.

5. Security+

Training time: 12 weeks

Median pay: $30,000

The Security+ certification makes you a recognized computer industry network security professional knowledgeable about security basics, networks and enterprise security.

Typically, a career in IT security is high in demand and offers wide and ever-expanding opportunities for growth in multiple IT areas including, for example, networking diagnostics, cloud services, AWS and emergency planning.

This certification is also issued by CompTIA.

Ready for Your Next Steps?

You can see a sea of career options and professional prospects in our handpicked top-five quick IT certifications that pay well. Most MedCerts’ programs are more affordable than other options out there, costing you less than $4000. Opting in for MedCerts’ IT credentials, you can enhance your skills while saving time and resources to further consolidate your IT career.

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Published on May 26, 2022


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