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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

eLearning has transformed the academic landscape, especially for nontraditional students like military service members. With eLearning, military students can study from anywhere — even on deployment — and work toward dream Army and non-Army careers.

If you're considering advancing your skills with eLearning, here's what you need to know as a military student.

1. Identify Your Goals and Priorities

Before you start researching eLearning programs, consider what you want to gain from the experience. Are you looking to boost your qualifications within your military occupational specialty (MOS) or get ready for a civilian career?

It's OK if you get sidetracked at this stage. The point is to figure out where you want your education to take you and what's most important in terms of personal values.

2. Research Career Fields

Once you know what you want, you can start laying out your next steps.

For example, say your MOS is tech-related and you want to turn that into a well-paying civilian career. There are countless professional pathways in that industry, from IT support to cybersecurity.

Dream big. Ask yourself where you see yourself in the future and what you can do to get started now. You might see a program that you can't take yet but could begin building the credentials for.

If you can't see the pathway directly, don't worry. Schools like MedCerts have education consultants to help you figure it out.

3. Explore Schools With Quality Programs

The rise of eLearning has birthed countless schools and training centers. Some are better than others.

Take time to research each program in detail. Find out what teaching models they use and how they keep students engaged. Quality eLearning programs should have plenty of interactive elements, especially if you're studying in a hands-on field like tech or healthcare.

Read student reviews and testimonials. Learn what real students loved about the program and if anything fell short. Pay particular attention to the experiences of military students and families.

4. Speak With Program Consultants

Real people will give you the best sense of what a program is like. They'll answer your questions and show you how the school's support team deals with real students.

Make a short list of schools that interest you. Call their education consultants. Ask them any questions you have, and pay attention to how they answer. Are they genuinely interested in what you need, or are they just trying to sell the program?

Notice which schools focus on their military students. Find out what support is available for military families and how much experience the school has in working with service personnel.

5. Weigh Costs and Benefits

When you have one or two schools that you're seriously considering, do some math. Find out what it will cost to attend and whether they accept Army Credentialing Assistance (Army CA) funding.

Compare costs with what you get in return. List the student support and career services available. Ask yourself which programs will help you move toward your goals.

Get Started With MedCerts

As an approved Army Credentialing Assistance provider and confirmed Military Friendly School, MedCerts understands what servicemembers need to succeed. Reach out today and talk to an eLearning military advisor about how to get started.

(The Army, Department of Defense and Department of the Army are not affiliated with MedCerts and do not endorse our services.)

Portrait of Mickey Gamoral
Written by Mickey Gamoral
Military Education Consultant

Mickey is a Platoon Leader for the Nevada Army National Guard and has been serving since September 2019. He joined the Army in an act of “now or never” as he neared his 30th birthday and had always dreamed of serving. Mickey is also an ASVAB coach and uses his education background to assist other soldiers through Gamonal Tutors.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and spent two and a half years in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps. He joined MedCerts in January 2020 and uses his combined Army and education experience to help soldiers take advantage of their Army Credentialing Assistance funding to pursue career training.

Mickey lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Sheena, who he considers his “rock”, and enjoys teaching snowboarding in his free time. He also has completed MedCerts Project Management program and hosts the ASVAB Domination podcast.

Published on January 3, 2023


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